Any improvements in track / channel view management?

This has been one of Cubase’s biggest weaknesses? Any improvements?

For instance, if a track is disabled in the project view does it still show up in the mixer? Or is there a better way to show and hide tracks than the awful “Can Hide” and “Command Target” methods or with complicated mixer view presets?

In Pro Tools, there is a simple sidebar where you click which tracks you do and don’t want to see for both the mixer and project window.

In Logic, there is a simple Hide button. Click it and you can select which tracks you want hidden once its clicked again. Syncs across mixer and project view. Unlike “Can Hide”, it gives you actualy visual feedback of whether the track is hidden or not and you don’t have to worry about accidentally having “Command Target : All” set and hiding your entire mixer setup.

I’d be interested in knowing the answer to this…Also can you rearrange mixer tracks without affecting the order in the project window ?

I wonder too, because hide track maybe is the most awaited feature, and it was known that Steinberg was working on it and that there should be a proper solution to this.

Is there a replacement idea for this feature now? What is Steinberg’s answer to this?

I also need to hide tracks, edits, source material, etc. (and dehide it too).

The tracks list in Pro Tools and also Digital Performer is very handy. You can swipe your mouse across multiple items in the list and the tracks show up in the main window, or are hidden, as the case may be.

Also in DP you can swipe your mouse across, say, the solo/mute button on contiguous tracks and they toggle as you fly over them.

All this would be great to see in Cubase.

From what people are saying about C6 it looks like there is a larger emphasis on these kind of ergonomic comforts, which come from having brilliant designers, programmers and project planners on staff. And of course Forum admins. :sunglasses: I hope the improvements (and bug fixes) continue.

I think they are reacting on Apple Logics audio editing facilities, but they are still following… although I think Apple Logics GUI needs a complete rework, I must say their flex editing features are very nice. You don’t even see the hitpoints anymore. You just grab and drag around your audio, really nice. So I think Cubase 6 introduces some nice features around multitrack editing that were somehow on the development line of what they already had. Let’s hope they also introduce groundbreaking editing in the coming releases with the ease of use you can see in Logic and the audio quality of Melodyne…

Anyway, this thread is about hiding tracks (or other source material). This has been demanded for so long. Many people are complaining because their songs become messy with many tracks and they have no way to hide things that are not needed at the moment. Many ideas have been suggested. Did Steinberg hear them?

Which company are you talking about here?

They hear, but they choose to listen when it’s convenient for them.

“Hide Unused Tracks” has been requested since the end of '07. Almost 1 year ago, SB’s Timo Wildenhain promised to deliver it at some point in the Nuendo lifecycle; not sure if that has happened or not. In fact, I am going to find out…


whichever company, I just hope it’s this one, since it’s its that I use.

Ok, apparently this was not implemented in N5.

Oops! bit trigger happy - sorry… See below :slight_smile:

No it wasn’t - but, trying to be fair here, I read Timo’s full statement on the matter at the release of N5… Its interesting, the bit where he says this feature is coming sometime in the N5 lifecycle. So, not quite a dead-end yet… :slight_smile:

No change in behaviour in v6

Another vote for the "Hide Tracks " feature please. I used it a lot when I was using Sonar. Please Steinberg lets see it in 6.1 :smiley:

PLEASE give us this feature. Im a multiple program user (PTs 9, Logic 9, Cubase 6, Record/Reason) and it is almost unthinkable for a program not to have this (i know, a bit dramatic:-) out of the progs i use, C6 and Record are the only ones that dont let you hide tracks. at least Record lets you collapse them to a sliver.

Im just coming back to C6 after jumping ship at 4.5 to use PTs and Logic, sometimes opening cubase for its time stretching. It has def come a long way but still cant believe you dont have hide tracks, and that you have to put tracks into a folder to edit them together. IMHO, this program is the closest to perfect as it can get, but theres those little things that we’ve grown accustomed to in other programs that just help workflow SO much that are still lacking in C6.

i applaud the developers for doing such a great job, i also urge them to listen to their users (the reason they have a job in the first place) and implement some of these (seemingly) easy to add features.