Any improvements to beams in 1.1?

will there be any improvements to beam placement in Dorico 1.1?


  • avoiding wedges between secondary beams and staff lines
  • specifying a maximum beam slant in degrees rather than spaces
    (this would solve a problem of short vs. long beam angles, without separate short and long settings)

I am really fond of those options available in Finale through the Patterson Beams plugin, which produces an almost perfect output. I would love to get the same flexibility in Dorico.

No, we haven’t been working on beams recently. We don’t have any plans to change the way that we specify beam slants in terms of degrees rather than using spaces, but we certainly do have plans to add further options for beam placement and determining how beams should slant in due course. For what it’s worth, most of the things that the Patterson Beams plug-in does in Finale are already handled automatically by Dorico, including stem shortening, thickening beams to compensate for larger slants, additional beam separation, and so on.

thank you Daniel.
I know you have a lot on your plate, the speed of Dorico’s development is really impressive.

Avoiding wedges for both primary and secondary beams is definitely on top of my wish list.
I appreciate everything you’ve already accomplished regarding beam options and I’ll be looking forward to further improvements down the road.