Any information when, approximately, we could expect Cubase 12.5 to be released?

Hello Cubase team and colleagues,

The end of February is coming very soon and version 12.0 the release schedule was changed…
Cubase 12.0 came out on 2nd of March 2022. Could we expect Cubase 12.5 to be available at the beginning of March this year? :slight_smile:

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Can’t believe C12 is a year old in a few weeks - that’s insane. It only feels 6-7 months old to me.
Signs of getting older, I guess! lol

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Yes! When I was 5 years old, it took 6 hours for an hour to pass. Now that I’m 60(ish) it only takes 10 minutes!

Steinberg never comments on release dates, nor do most other software companies.


I didn’t have in mind the naming scheme, but the new version.
I know that Steinberg never comments on release dates, but since version 12.0 was delayed by 3 months after the release of Cubase 11.0… Would be nice to know, at least, if they are going to keep the yearly upgrade model, or not. :slight_smile:

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Thurisaz :slight_smile:

I guess you’ll have to wait until the release to find that out.

I hear if you hit 100 it starts going backwards


That’s great news!


100% Facts!

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Yeh and the midi remote is still defunked for us mortals .

@steve You are as old as the Daw your feel :upside_down_face: :rofl: Time flies by so fast , it’s so precious .

I think that’s part of why it still feels new to me, we’ve had quite the journey with C12 and it’s bugs so the period of smooth sailing is probably more akin to that 6 month period that I feel? (Or it’s age lol)

Just don’t feel anywhere near craving a new version to come and disturb everything again if i’m honest. Would love for 12 to mature for another year.

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Aahaha yeh it’s defo an age thing but C12 certainly needs to mature a little more we are only half way through it’s life cycle , i really don’t think Steinberg has the brain power to come up with complete new innovating features every year (No insult to Steinberg intended) that would be too much off a headache to try and contain the ever growing list of small bugs

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I imagine you don’t use VST Expressions?

in previous cubase update naming scheme you would be 30(ish ) and i 25(ish) :rofl:


I, for one, am far more interested in seeing 12.0.60 and 12.0.70 than 12.5 or 13. Hell, I’ll take 12.0.80 before 13.


i guess you can say it on every version, probably most cubase 12 users dont have show stopper issues, for one user cubase 11 maybe was unstable and C12 is fine and so on.
i don’t know if C13 is ready , but im sure steinberg will release it if one year is passed from 12 and it is stable enough and have most intended features for C13 ready .
after all its a business and probably cubase is the most selling product for steinberg among their other products, and cash stream is needed to maintain the business.
also hope Cubase 13 will help us to do stuff better and easier ,with better workflows and new features, if so im ready for C13 next month or so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This may be an unpopular opinion, but why would anyone purchase whatever new version of Cubase is being released? 12 still doesn’t work properly. A whole year of updates and promises and it still can’t handle simple projects like previous versions could. and like other DAWs can, so people saying it’s computer issues, stop. Why keep putting money into a DAW, which at this point, under performs it’s peers.

Here is the answer:


It works great here. Don’t assume that just because you have an issue that everyone else does too.