Any information when, approximately, we could expect Cubase 12.5 to be released?

There’s been some really poor bugs since C12 release, many which have been addressed.

But I don’t share your experience that it can’t handle simple projects, so there must be a link with the hardware or software configuration that you’re running… Or your definition of ‘simple’, is my ‘complicated’. :slight_smile:

But I do agree that it still needs more maturity rather than going on another sales run again, so let’s hope this is the plan and whatever issues you have get addressed.

Of course, there’s plenty who would happily buy an update today if it contained new features of interest to them. And I admire their willingness… But i’d like to say hoooold your horses! haha.

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I’ve been using Cubase since version 4 and never had the issues like I’ve had in 12. These issues do not effect any other DAW I use. There’s literally new performance issue complaints (in my case, bottlenecking from very few plug-ins) every day on this board. I know fan boy’s are gonna fan boy, but please give people the respect that they know what they’re talking about,

It’s all about proportion. When you are 6, a year is huge 1/6th of your life. But when you are 60, a year is a mere 1/60th of your life.

I think it’s safe to think that we’re not far from a release because Cubase 12 is about to turn 1 year old and because it’s been a while since they released a Cubase 12 maintenance update. They usually hold their horses with updates for a while when a big paid upgrade is on its way.

Just my 2c: 12 has been working great on small to medium size rock/indie band stuff since 12.0.0(yes, even the 0.0 version) on my Hackintosh. I can’t say it never crashes, but I have over 1000 plug-ins so I am asking for trouble, and don’t have it much.

Logic Pro and Bitwig work fine too, btw.

But Cubase is a jack of all trades, so what works for one person is a crashing nightmare for another.


I gave you an accurate description of my own experience using Cubase 12. And because my experience was not the same as yours that somehow means A) I’m an untrustworthy ‘fan boy’ and B) I’ve apparently said that you don’t know what you are talking about although I don’t recall ever doing that.


Aint that the truth! Although for some reason, the 8 hour work day still seems to take 12 hours to get through… Once Im off work though, 30 minutes later, its already time for bed, where did the day go??


I’m not going to go back and forth, but you certainly questioned my understanding of the situation. I never said that 100% of the people using 12 had problems, but I don’t think it would take a genius to see the amount of posts on this forum, and others, talking about the issues that I’ve expereinced, daily, which I did not see until 12 was released. And again, these problems can not be replicated using 11 or lower or any other DAW I’ve tried. There is clearly a problem with the way 12 handles certain machines that needs to be addressed before people put hundreds of more dollars down.

That’s a bit rude.
In my case the CB 12.0.51 update caused crashes (I admit, but I consider this a ‘my problem’). After contacting support, I got a solution and Cubase runs smooth again.
If my computer would have a problem with Cubase, I’d accept the challenge of trying to fix it.
Thousands of Cubase 12 users out there … Not complaining.
On this Forum we obviously only read about problems. That’s just what forums are made for.

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Rude?! OK. I think charging hundreds of dollars for upgrades when the existing version still has bugs is rude. And again, the hardware issue is not on my end. It only happens with 12. No other version of Cubase or DAW. So I should endlessly spend money on updates (the most expensive update of any DAW by far) while bugs aren’t addressed for a year plus? This isn’t an isolated case. There’s literally new threads every week since it was released. Look on reddit, and other forums as well. It’s a huge problem. But yeah, I guess I’m rude for pointing that out.

You sound pretty much like you are generalizing about everyone here

Assuming that I’m included in anyone I answered your question - I am having zero problems. That’s why I (not you or anyone else) would “purchase whatever new version of Cubase is being released?”

Sorry you are having problems, but my initial response was only describing my own experience. You’re choosing to read into it additional things - and then get offended by that stuff.

Everybody is entitled to his opinion (and I respect yours).I do not try to convince you to buy the next Cubase version. Let’s agree, I am free to decide if I am interested in buying the next Cubase version.

Let’s make some music and have fun!

To me it’s great having consistent updates with bug fixes rather push new versions so quick. I remember Ableton had to take a whole year off just fixing bugs. It was either Live 8 or 9 they added too many features, and was rushed. From that point they slowed down.

So far Cubase as been good though with version 12. Greg Ondo mentioned it’s being worked on, and when it’s ready they will release it. He also mentioned parts of Cubase 14, and 15 were being worked on. This is from a February Club Cubase 2023.

Assuming he wasn’t joking, this is the most annoying thing I’ve read in a long time in regards to Cubase. Are they assuming computing is going to go unchanged in the next 3 years? And if not (which is obviously the case) how do they adjust to that (it also makes perfect sense as to why certain systems are seeing problems) Also, they have loads of new exciting features to add right now, but hold on! These new features will be just as interesting in a few years time as they are now (or not)
I get it, it’s a business, but it just feels like there’s been a changing of the guard on what that business model is. As a consumer, I just don’t understand it. Maybe fix the version you put out before we get some new retro synth no one needs. I also get there’s plenty of other options, which I didn’t think I’d be exploring as much as I have been, but oh well.

Live is still taking that approach. I bought Live 11 almost 2 years ago, Live 11 is still the current version and still getting updates and fixes (we just got a new update a week or two ago). Steinberg already having forks for 14 and 15 is pretty normal, although that seems a bit farther ahead then most devs go haha.

I hope Steinberg is able to do the same. I joined ‘Team Steinberg’ during the VST24/32 days and those lasted a few years until Cubase was rebranded and redesigned as Cubase SX. The whole ‘we need new this and that and an update every month’ thing is getting annoying. Its bad enough Apple usually forces devs to do this with their yearly ‘updates’. They even need to go back to their own playbook from 10-15 years ago when OS X lasted a couple years and was made solid before they trashed it and moved on to the next ‘cat’. If I buy a hammer, I want that hammer to do what its supposed to do for as long as I need it to. I dont expect Milwaukee to allow me to remove screws or tap out new threads with it… I bought it because I needed to bash something together plain and simple.

Give us a solid, working tool that we can use to get our job done. If its got issues, fix it and put out an update. The younger generations constant need for new gimmicks and updates can take a back seat and they can learn what stable working software means like it did 20 years ago. I’d bet most of the folks complaining about ‘needing’ constant updates and feature requests doesn’t even use a quarter of the features as it is. You aint getting a magic button thats gonna write hits for you, learn to use what you have first.


If they’re working on subscription services and AI tools… Then probably not too far off.

For C13 I hope the logo goes back to red. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Most people who don’t have issues don’t post on forums for a piece of software. You are only hearing the negative reviews. Cubase has a massive userbase. I’m sorry that CB12 has been super rough for you, but I feel like you’ve deluded yourself in to thinking that you’re a part of some larger majority. Statistically, it probably works great for most users.


Still some bugs in Cubase with Spectralayers ARA mode… Hope to see the fix soon!

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Soon. But it will be a other half year before it is stable and are working as intended. But what feature do we get other than removed support of VST2?