Any Installation Tutorial?

my question ( sorry my english) - i’am user of cubase 9, HSO , Halion 6, The Grand 3 , Groove Agent 4 etc…

I have recently bought Dorico, but can not install because of my questions

But I do not see any tutorials on what I need to do and could do to properly install Dorico. Can I create duplicate licenses on the same dongle?

Does Dorico consist of three individual licenses on the dongle or run all Steinberg products with only one license?

Your Manual “First steps” (page 11 on PDF Help file) has no installation descriptions, and i cannot find any installation videos for dorico on computer’s runing cubase 9 and other Licensed Steinberg products
But my first step would be the elaborate installation of all necessary software without incurring disadvantages.

I see on my Steinberg Download Assistant this downloads now:

Halion Sonic SE for Dorico - should i execute this exe? ( Halion 6 Full version allready installed)
Halion Symphonic Orchestra for Dorico -should i execute this exe? , is this exe a full version of HSO?
Dorico 1.1.10 Update - no execute this exe i think
Dorico 1.1.10 Full -execute this exe i think

And futher - Is it possible to move now my older HSO License (full version) to another USB Dongle?

If I move the full license from HSO to another dongle, then Dorico will replace this license completely?

You’re overthinking things a little.

In your case all you have to install is Dorico 1.1.10 Full. You only have to install Halion Sonic SE if you didn’t already have it installed for some reason. Same for HSO.

Dorico comes with the full version of HSO and the Dorico license also doubles as a HSO license. You can move your old HSO license to another USB-eLicenser whenever you feel like, you wont lose it.

That sounds good. So I will now only install Dorico the full version.

Many thanks for your comments @Romantique Tp.

Nevertheless, a guide for the installation of Dorico, as well as with explanation for already existing licenses is still missing on PDF and video from my point of view.

PS: After Installation and Activation: No further licenses for HSO or “Halion Sonic SE” will be displayed, only “Dorico 1” Steinberg, Sel.

That’s right, the Dorico license “contains” also the license for HSO and HSSE.

Thanks Ulf for the extended clarification.
In this case, I can move the already purchased HSO full version license to another USB dongle. :smiley:

It’d be nice to have installation instructions. In my case, installing the Dorico 3 update for the program itself was straightforward – it just does it. But the sounds installer “Open” goes to a file folder, which has a zipped file. What to do?

Unzip it? Then run Setup? Then I can delete the 9GB zip file? I wish this process was explained in a few easy steps.

Update: HALion Sonic SE Installation somehow started, many minutes later. Not sure how that happened!

You should unzip the sound installer and run the install program. Once you have unzipped the installer you can throw away the zip file. Perhaps pressing Open in Steinberg Download Manager does this for you - I never use this button as I manually move the download to an external hard disk before running it.

Quite a few Steinberg installers are downloaded as a zip file - certainly the full version of Cubase Pro 10 for Windows (which has the program and sounds in a single installer) is zipped.