Any interest in a built in dynamic range meter?

I would like to see one added.

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Control room loudness metering or SuperVision?

I did not see a dynamic range meter in supervision

That is a loudness meter. I am after a dynamic range meter

Don’t really get what you are expecting beside what Supervision brings, as @st10ss suggested. FWIW, here is a test of it, after a quick VSTi recording and play back :

There is everything I could decently ask for, ‘dynamic range’ included, IMO, unless you could be more specific about what is missing, and I only scratched the very basic features of it (more details in the Plug-Ins reference manual)…

That is not a dynamic range meter.

OK… Could you define precisely what a ‘Dynamic range meter’ is supposed to be ? :thinking:

It meters the dynamic range

I guessed it. Examples (as we are going in circles…) ?

I would be interested in a dynamic range meter module for Supervision.

This is what they look like - its a graphical representative of the dynamic range using ITU standards of loudness perception.

this is only one version of them, the loudness meters in Cubase/Nuendo are able to measure dynamic range as well, only the presentation differs

Yes, something that is understandable.

I have one, but like you said, built into the analyzer would be great