Any interest in Cubasis for iPhone? ...Poll

If there was a version of Cubases made for iPhone, would you use it?

  • Yes
  • No

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Any interest in Cubasis for iPhone? …Poll

I am hoping that someday, Cubases (or some form of it) would be made available for iPhone someday. I’d like to see if there are other uses thinking the same thing in hopes that some Steinberg developers are watching :slight_smile: I’ve been using Garageband for my iPhone recording, but I would MUCH rather use someting in the Steinberg family for all my recording needs.



If your iPhone is jail broke cubasis will run just fine on iPhone. You have to change a plist setting in the app. But as far as I can tell it works just fine.

Yes please. Desperate for a stable functional daw on iphone



Seriously? You should go get a refresher course in online etiquette on how to communicate instead of asking others to stop discussing.

Just look at the poll results: 9 out of 10 (I’m sure the 1 NO vote was cast by you). 9 people cannot be wrong and you alone cannot be right! Right? You are a “minority” already. Which part of that is unclear?

That would be amazing. Despite the limitations that the smaller screen would impose, I would buy it in a second. Here’s the thing: I always have my phone on me. The only reason I use something like Cubasis is because I want to sketch out song ideas while I’m on the go. Carrying around an ipad is not much different than carrying around my laptop, so I minds well just use Cubase. I’ve created several song ideas with iMaschine on my iphone just because I have a few minutes while I’m on the go. It would be incredible to be able to use Cubasis instead.

Steinberg’s resources are limited and it would slow down the development of the iPad version, which is slow enough as it is.

Cubasis iPhone app would look like a “mobile” app and still be very usable (in fact, more usable than GB on iPhone - considering Steinberg team’s design capabilities). It will not be a zoomed out (tablet) app with tiny controls like some people may be guessing.

A tablet app without a phone app is like a website without a responsive mobile version.

The other side of the coin says - “more sales and revenue from iPhone app” :slight_smile:
In fact, many more sales of iPhone app than iPad app!

Bump. I think it would be great to be able to airdrop projects to my phone and make tweaks or add tracks and shoot it back over to my IPad.

Not until the iPad version is fixed! They’ve already got a long list of bug fixes pending and currently, unstable with the audio dissappearing bug.

I honestly don’t see how an app as big as Cubasis could be useful on an iPhone. The screen is just too small. Maybe a mini recorder that lets you Air Drop your recordings to Cubasis on your iPad or send them directly into an audio track over WiFi?

Just a groove agent, and fiew tracks to quick record ideas on Iphone and after usable tracks on Ipad will be cool.

Yes, definitely: a version with only a few tracks, and a Beat Agent version wokring both on iPad and iPhone.

The iPhone is definitely suited as on the fly idea recording tool meanwhile.

No offence but I still can’t understand why someone would want to use Cubasis on an IPhone.
Everything would be so dam tiny.
And in regards to more revenue, they could simply add more features and release Cubasis 3 and make us pay for it.i won’t mind as long as we have send tracks, wrapping and better file management.
Same thing when it comes to people wanting to use a mouse with and IPhone.i just don’t get it

Well said!


You are missing the points.

  1. Not everyone owns an iPad. Even those who have an iPad don’t always carry it with them as they carry phones. An app without a phone version is like a website without a mobile version. There will be probably more users using Cubasis on iPhone (because it is truly. Mobile) than iPad. The poll speaks for itself.

  2. Nothing will be tiny on iPhone version. If you are a developer, you know what that means. Just see SynthMaster One - it got ported from desktop to iPad and now to iPhone or see GarageBand on iPhone - they have the same size controls, very usable and nothing is tiny on iPhone.

I have no plans on using Cubasis in iPhone but would love its users to have it.

Cubasis on iOS… we’ve been asking for this since 2015 easily. I’m quite shocked I’m running an iPhone device around 4 times more capable than my iPad mini 2, yet I can’t run Cubasis on it. It’s an iPhone XS Max! Why is everyone talking about screen size? Clearly if we had the choice at the moment to use Cubasis on iPad instead of on the iPhone, we’d all pick the iPad. The thing is, i don’t ever carry my iPad around unless I could carry my computer. I want Cubasis on my phone because I can basically use it everywhere; I’m not gonna be carrying an iPad around just to use a “mobile” daw that isn’t really mobile.

Cubasis is my favorite DAW. But it not being on iPad is a massive disappointment only equivalent to not having NanoStudio 2 on iPhone (NanoStudio 1 was my phone DAW since Cubasis wouldn’t do it). But hey, NanoStudio 2 IS getting an iPhone port…

Honestly, iPhone Max are literally smaller iPad minis. They jave a screen that would do it justice. There are tons of “DAWs” on iOS that do a good job with the UI but lack the professionalism offered by Cubasis. I’ve been messing around with Audio Evolution Mobile and Multitrack DAW and seriously they fall short on several ends in comparison. They are great, and way cheaper, but I’d easily pay 30$ for a Cubasis on iOS. Hell, i already paid for the first one who wasn’t even on the iPhone, and i’ve been asking for the iPhone version (which was “on the works” 4 years ago) ever since.

It’s about time we get it.

In all seriousness workflow is king, if I can’t use Cubasis on my iPhone I will probably just stop using it now that I’ve been “forced” to look into other iPhone daws.

I will miss Cubasis, but I’d rather be able to port my songs from iPhone to iPad with ease; having to “reconfigure” the tracks simply cause I’m switching DAWs halfway through is to me a detriment bad enough to simply let go of the idea of using Cubasis.

Sorry if I sound a little bit “pissy”, but I’ve literally been waiting for this for over 4 years, and devs DID say it was gonna happen eventually. Now that I’m back in iOS music production after a few years, I realize there’s a Cubasis 2 yet the iPhone version is nowhere to be found…

Steinberg, please invest on this; there are so many threads which clearly indicate many of your users want it - and these are all iPad users. Just wait till you open up to a market that has never even considered your DAW cause they didn’t even know it existed because of the iPad App Store filtering.

I have an old iPad Air gen1 with a screen that’s still in place because of clips and an iPad holder meant for music stands. I’m trying to move as much as I can from it to my iPhone. I picked up Cubase Elements to play with. With most of KORG’s library on the iPhone plus their VSTs, I could see me switching to a PC + iPhone workflow. I just don’t use the iPad as much as I used to, and $1200 could go towards a better laptop vs. an iPad pro. I’m just someone that dabbles in this, but at the lower cost to entry, lack of iPhone support feels like a missed opportunity.