Any Jamstix 3.X users with Cubase 7.06 or 7.5?

Starting some planning for a new rig. I’ve used JS in C6.5, am used to the interface, and like it a lot. Hoping to stay with it, but wondering if anyone else has been down that road before?


Hi There

I have Jamstix 3.5 and it seems to be fine, I haven’t really used it at all since the upgrade to 7.5 just checked that it was working rather quickly without any detailed “inspection”. I’m using the 64bit version

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Thanks, Rhino, and DaveAbbott , good to know!

Works fine here with 7.5. I have recently got BFD3 and Jamstix driving the sounds from that is awesome!

Thank you, Rhino! Just getting to the bridging concept as I look at a new rig. Much appreciated!


May I ask why you are running 32 bit Cubase with 16 GB of RAM and using Jbridge, instead of running 64 bit Cubase and eliminate the bridge?

Just curious.

Cool… thanks for the explanation. I was sure there was a good explanation, I just wasn’t sure what it was! :mrgreen: