Any know of a Surround Autopanner?

Looking for a 64 bit Win Surround Autopanner for ages and ages, the only one I can find (waves) is outragously expensive, Hoping for a freebie or reasonable cost

You could try this one - MMultiBandAutopan - 25 euro, you can try them free before purchase, a few of their plugins have had pretty good reviews on

There free bundle includes a load of useful tools with low cpu ovehead and you can’t live with the nag screens, you an register the whole free bundle of about 21 plugins for 30 euro

Sorry but this is a near miss, the output is stereo only. Thanks for trying


hmm…they state this on there product page for MMultiBandAutopan

M/S, single channel, up to 8 channels surround processing - our plugins can handle not only mono and stereo signals, but also mono/stereo encoding, separate channels and encodings, and up to 8 channels of surround audio, which makes them ideal for audio production for movies, games etc

Why not get the free trail and give it a go ?

You can easily uninstall if it don’t do whay you want.

I did get the free trial, it only has two outputs, thanks for trying - seemed good.

From the PDF>

Surround mode is not related to stereo processing and lets the plugin process as many channels as the host is willing to supply. To use it, you have to first
activate surround processing by clicking on the ‘Settings’ button, choosing Settings and enabling the ‘Activate surround’ check box. This is a global switch for
all MeldaProduction plugins, which forces them to start reporting 8in8out capabilities. It is disabled by default, because some hosts have trouble dealing with
such plugins. After activation, restart your host to start using the surround capabilities of the plugins. First place them on a surround track - a track that has
more than 2 channels. The plugins will regard this as a natural extension of 2 channel processing. For example, a compressor will process each channel
separately or measure the level by levels of all the inputs provided. Further surround processing properties can be accessed from the Settings window.
Currently you can select which channels to process

It would indicate that the plugin should be capable of multi IN and OUT?

What would be the point of a surround in stereo out panner?

I’ve not used this so may just be talking rubbish of course :laughing:

It does seem pointless as whatever the plugin only haas two outputs - confrimed by the developers

In short this one does not support surround properly

I have been searching for one for years

Anyone know of any other 64 bit Surround Autopanners -waves is far too expensive at around $1000 !

Thats just silly :confused: as is $1000 :confused:

Look at Nuendo 6, it is using an ioSono anymix surround plug which is also available seperatly for Cubase.


Price is about 300 euros.

The Waves UM225/226 stereo to surround is available for $200 (£124 GBP) on ebay if that might be any use to you…?

Spin Audio used to do one but long gone I think, there’s one or two on KVR audio but haven’t looked at them. There was a freeware one on google but I don’t remeber the name of that…

thanks for the input folks…mroekalea this is not an autpanner just a surround speaker ‘positioner’ similar to Cubase. Its also pretty pricey. I have also checked out the waves panner and its not an autopanner

I am looking for something that can spin a sound arround an audience and thingsv like that.

Seems to be a simple request, but I have been looking for years with no luck - google surround autopanner ZeroZero and you will see.

I did earlier on in the thread, funny thing is, there seemed to be some old DirectX auto panners but no VST ones?

That’s an upmix tool, not a panner…
Waves had the 360 Native bundle a couple of weeks ago for under $400 - I got it for $385 - so worth keeping an eye open.
Absolutely the cheapest deals I have ever seen are from Tony Belmont plugins.
It is always a good idea to email first & ask for best prices

even the waves 360 thingy is not an autopanner as such I believe. It can’t spin a sound around in a circle I believe,
or other forms of autopanning.
You might, you might be able to do this using Cubase’s surround panner, if I could get my head arund the trajectory angles for the lanes

Thanks for trying folks appreciated.