Any Korg Prologue Owners Here?

Greetings everyone,

Korg have released a new version of the Prologue in France. The Prologue OSC-16. It will be preloaded at the factory with the custom oscillator known as Blinds by Edouard Digital. Additionally, 20 presets created by Robust American Patches (My new synth preset company) will also be preloaded at the factory. Robust American Patches is proud to be a part of this new release. All the synth sounds heard in the video below were created by Robust American Patches and are available as a free download at

The Prologue OSC-16 YT Video:

Robust American Patches:

I’ve used Nuendo since Version 1.6. And of course, I used Nuendo to produce the sound demonstrations that can be heard at:




Yes I own a Korg Prologue 16 OSC… Good synth !
But I erased all custom oscillators doing a factory reset (like mentionned in the owner’s manual) !!!

Korg France doesn’t want to hear that I did what is written in the manual… and doesn’t want to send me a download link to reinstall them.
I have to send my Prologue back to the distributor… I’m really really sad and angry.

So for me, this OSC version is not a good one. The firmware is not completed.

I hope this message will prevent others from making the same mistake as me…

Yea, you have to back up the 3rd party oscillators and fx using the librarian or they will be lost when performing a factory reset. The newest firmware is working great here. No issues. I would contact the companies who created the 3rd party Oscs and explain what happened. I’m sure if you provide proof of purchase they would supply you with download links.