Any learning curve to upgrade a project in progress from Cubase Pro 11 to Pro 12?

I’m currently mixing an album with Cubase Pro 11. Will I be inconvenienced by anything if I upgrade to Pro 12 between mixing sessions?

Highly doubt it. I moved from Logic Pro back to Cubase 11 when they announced the free update to 12, started some projects in 11 and a few months later just kept going in 12. Granted I’m STILL learning things here and there but nothing I ran into that put a stop in anything. Up until recently I was using my DAW as my ‘tape machine’ since I do everything with my MPC and hardware, but the couple of ‘test’ projects I made to try writing in Cubase weren’t affected at all either.

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General advice: If you earn your money with that job, don’t switch before you are finished. Not because of the learning curve, you’d be fine. Technical problems can arise, though, whenever you change anything on the system.


I agree with Johnny, if it’s a paid mixing job, wait to upgrade between projects. Clients don’t care about driver updates / plugin compatibility issues.

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Agreed finish in 11. No reason why you can’t get 12 and install as you can still use 11 as well as 12

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Thanks, All! I guess I should have specified – I would never normally upgrade during a client’s project. But in this case, I’m the only client. Plus, knowing now that I can still use 11 after upgrading to 12 clinches the deal for me.

Ok, the one thing that is important: C12 does not have Prologue, Mystic, and LoopMash anymore. If your projects rely on these plugins you can either finish in C11 or search this forum for a small guide how to get them working under C12.
Everything else will be fine.

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Oh yeah forgot about the in the middle of work thing… Don’t do that. Like @mkok said 12 installs alongside 11, so you can still play with both.

I finally removed 11 about 3 months after 12 came out once I figured out I was all good. At least on the Mac, all your prefs/settings/etc are all in separate folders for 11 and 12 so both stayed completely intact and working, I’d assume Windows is a similar setup.

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Great to know. I don’t happen to have any of these, but it may help someone else who looks at this thread. Thank you!