Any luck getting it to work?

It doesn’t appear to work here for me sadly.

I open up Cubase Pro 8 (latest build), fire up the trial and all seems ok.
I type in a name (Engineer as suggested), click the button to get a number.

I open my iPad to test the sync between the PC and iPad and type in the number from my PC and into ‘VST Connect Performer’ but receive a couple of messages:

1 - unconnected
2 - unable to use same connection

Hmmmm - obviously, user error, but I don’t see how to fix this.

It’s just occurred to me.

Is this a limitation of the trial?

I’ve only started the trial an hour ago.


if you want to connect “in-house”, i.e. you want to establish in a local network, your don’t need to work with a key/number. Just start Cubase, “VST Connect PRO” and start the “VST Connect Performer for iPad”. The performer has a blue LAN button on the upper, right corner. Click to it and you’ll receive the available computers in the network which are running VST Connect PRO. Choose a computer and you are connected.

You’ll get more information in the manual, page 30 (VST Connect Performer, Connection). Click the “?” in the UI of “VST Connect PRO”. Or click to the “?” in the iPad Performer. The manual appears in the connection-view, left side.

Hope that helps,
have a nice day,

Note that local connections only work with the VST Connect PRO version but not with the VST Connect SE version.

OK - folks - Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

Once successful, I’ll create a quick free training guide for it and post back.

Thanks again.