Any luck getting program changes to work with Roland Fantom?

I’ve searched for this topic - it seems to come up occasionally but there haven’t been any solutions that I can find. I can get Cubase Pro 12 to send volume data to each sound in a Fantom scene but haven’t been able to get the program change to work.

Has anyone had any success with this? And as an aside has anyone had success getting the Fantom to act as a controller for Cubase?


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Hard to find anyone who had integrated fantom with cubase 12……come on steinberg

Yes I absolutely agree - if Steinberg managed to get integration for Logic and Ableton Live surely it’s not too hard to get integration for Cubase. It’s not as if Cubase is a minor player in the field!!!

Come on Steinberg give us Fantom owners a break!

How’s that?

I have a Fantom XR and it works fine. Yes, I do realize it’s a little bit different, and that the full workstations are a bit more robust in ‘controller’ and ‘sequencer’ options, but ‘maybe’ I can help.

Before my XR will accept program changes, I must enable the ability in the XR’s global settings. It can be set independently for each MIDI channel. (I.E. I might ‘block’ program changes on channel 10 as to preserve a special drum kit so it’s always the same).

Bank Messages can matter on a Fantom too! There are scads of banks, and even more if you have custom user presets/samples, or SRX cards installed.

The Roland Fantom X editor is quite helpful! It simply provides a way to see and do more without twiddling with arcane buttons and dials on the instrument itself.

Yes, one can make custom device profiles in Cubase for a Fantom, but personally I found the Fantom X editor capable of doing everything I’d want but a few things. I’ll come back and post a link to the profiles I’ve done for Fantom XR Instrument banks (should be the same for most Fantom X units) later if I can find them.

The XR also has a way to change entire instrument templates via program change. Those must be done over a certain channel, and the unit ID has to match up. Again, all that is established in the XR itself (which cannel can call up Global Presets, and even then, I’d suggest supplying the right ‘bank’ change to go with it).

Fantom Series also has a rather robust SYSEX set, as well as NRPN methods to control nearly everything imaginable via remote.

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I think I found a link to my personal tweaked out Fantom XR Cubase Profiles.

They’re pretty basic, but have been adapted to include bank changes. Some differentiation between GM and GM2 sounds. Clues as to how many tone generators a patch uses, etc.

While I install my XR as an external rack instrument in Cubase Pro, I do NOT designate the MIDI connection. This way I can easily swap between the multiple profiles for a given track.

I didn’t do anything too fancy with the sysex stuff. Merely an option to toggle between Solo, Multi, or General MIDI modes if one wants to do that.

I apologise - it wasn’t Steinberg - Roland has implemented integration to Logic and Ableton and it’s built into the Fantom. Sorry my bad.

Thanks Brian_Roland. But the Fantom is not a FantomX. I doubt that the XR editor would work with the Fantom. I hope I’m wrong though - can you confirm?

Ah, my bad.

NOTE: Only use this software with Fantom-X6,7,8, and XR units running Version 2.

Still, there might be something somewhere in the global settings of the instrument to enable program changes. I see no reason why Cubase would neglect to send them. Particularly if you’re using a plane jane MIDI connection (not through any special kind of plugin).