Any luck returning a vst instrument?

Has anyone had any luck returning a VST instrument to Steinberg? I’ve had no useful response from Steinberg trying to get my money back on Tguitar. The product is no very useful to me in it’s present condition, but Steinberg has not responded directly to my request to return it for a refund. It’s a little scary knowing that the company doesn’t seem to have a simple path to resolve a simple refund–within 14 days of purchase. I also own Cubase Pro 10.5, The Grand 3, and a UR22; all of which work well enough to keep. I’ve had Cubase and the UR22 for years. What’s up with returns on a clunky piece of software?

My question was answered by Steinberg today. Seems they have to send an activation number for the product which you use with the elicenser to de-activate the license. Then they process the return. It’s not as hard as I expected.