"any" midi option seems to not work

I’m using a TD17 midi drum with midi channel = 10.
In VST Live, I set the midi output (of a layer or track) to my TD17 output connection with Channel = ANY => No sound
If I set the midi channel to 10 => sound

“Any” lets incoming MIDI through without change. So you may want to check what comes in.
If your keyboard sends on channel 2, and Layer/Track output is set to “Any”, the Instrument/MIDI Output will receive events on channel 2; the TD7 will probably only react to channel 10, hence you have to set output channel to 10, or make sure the transmitting process (Lyyer Input, Track) sends on that channel.

Let me explain again.
I wanted to test sending a midi track to my TD17 drum.
On the TD17, I configured midi channel = 10.
So in VST Live, in the midi track, I set midi output = TD17 midi output (connection) and channel = 10. It works like this. But with channel = any, the midi track is not sent to TD17.
My understanding is that if I choose “any”, VST live send the midi track on all channels. Is it a misunderstanding ?

In that case, the midi notes are sent with the channel that they were recorded with. Probably the notes that were input were not sent with Midi Channel 10 - select the track event and open Edit/Midi List Editor to see how events were recorded (or imported). Output to „Any“ will send as recorded.

Ok I will check that