Any mileage in an ipad for Cubase?

Just wondering…

I am getting one, (for no justfiable reason :wink: ) or maybe some other tablet?. Are these things helpful for music. I have C6 and a number of other VSTs inc spectrasonic’s triplet Ew stuff VSL bits and pieces Kontakt Halion Absynth…

I would not expect an Ipad to run C6 per se, but i guess someone has done it. I shall stick to my core i7 64 bit.

I think music manufacturers are preferring the Ipad for stuff ratehr than Androids?


Aloha z

Apple put GarageBand on an iPad, so maybe Steiny can
put Sequel on an iPad as well.

That combination would make a nice ‘sketch pad’
which could later be ‘dumped’ into ‘Cubendo’
for further work.

Currently you can only use an iPad to replace the basic features of things like this:

The free steinberg app is available here

It works great and I do think the technology is there to make a 100% exact clone of many control surfaces on the iPad. They just have to decide to do it is probably all.

Ooh you can also use it for Loopmash as well. —> HERE

…unfortunately this is only for iPhone and not for iPad. Sure, it works in 2x mode, however this is not the same.

BTW: I use unrealbook for iPad, a great app for all your music sheets…


After a bit of research I decided to go for a Asus transformer. My first adventure ito this arena. I dont expect it to do much form my musicing, but its ok fvor reading manuals and watching utube. I understand the Ipad does not support Flash a big no no fro me, though it is supposed to support something called Frash instead.

Bit of a learning curve.