Any musicians out there that have Cubase experience?

I have a Motu 8pre and Cubase 5.1. Firewire connection to the PC and can’t for the life of me get the bl…y thing to work

Running Windows 7 64 bit and PC has quad core cpu (965 b/e amd socket AM3), 8 gig ram. Plugging a mic into the 8 pre moves leads
on the 8pre and in Motu’s bundled software Cuemix FX the mic shows as being active but that software lacks any recording facility (afaik).

So with Cubase 5.1.0 build 105 (May 2009) nothing is happening. Is the software too old to recognize a Firewire input? do I need a later

Any help would be VERY appreciated.

Not at all. You can take a software from 1999 (Cubase VST 3.x) and it should work just fine with your interface. Why? Because it doesn’t have to know anything about FireWire or MOTU. It just talk with your MOTU’s ASIO driver.

So …

  1. Have you installed MOTU 8pre’s ASIO driver into your PC?
  2. Have you configured your Cubase to use this driver?
  3. Have you set up Cubases ‘VST Connections’ to connect Cubase with your MOTU’s audio inputs?
  4. Have you set your audio track’s input to MOTU’s audio inputs?

All of this is very well explained in Cubase’s ‘Getting Started’ guide.

why not update your cubase 5 to the lastest version ?

Because that costs money and he may not need the new features?


Cubase 5 was (is) a great program and has nothing to do with the OP’s problems.

Yes it is a cost issue. With a mic plugged into the 8 PRE it registers on the led’s on the 8 PRE, you can also set the 8 PRE to different modes with the 8 PRE software and maybe that is the issue?

I also thought it may have an issue with Win 7 64bit?

I set the audio in/out to the soundcard in options but can’t find MOTU or PRE 8 under hard ware.

Really stuck with this…

I have a MOTU 2408, which I don’t use very often anymore. I built a new DAW recently…and wanted to test the functionality of the 2408 with the new DAW, so I updated the MOTU driver and to my surprise had a new version of Cuemix (CuemixFX). After having a similar problem to yours (no audio output), I noticed that the default condition of CuemixFX is to enable all the MUTE buttons on each channel…including the main output! :smiling_imp:

Muting the output isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and can save your audio monitors if you are not careful.

The 2408 also has a software configuration panel to which you also have to enable each channel you want to use in your DAW. These channels also show up in CuemixFX, so if you are seeing them respond to audio input (in CuemixFX)…you probably have the channels activated properly.

I realize you are using different hardware than I am, but MOTU tends to offer the same software applications for their hardware line!

Just some things to look at!
GOOD LUCK! :slight_smile:

Thanks will try this.

How’d that work for you? Someone else might be able to benefit from your research! :slight_smile: