any new products from steinberg at musikmesse 2014

Hi readers. :smiley:

New software or hardware for musikmesse 2014. I can’t really say. I can only say that in the last few months steinberg haze updated there elinceses whit 4 new ones. This means that there is a chance that steinberg is going to introduce 4 new software products. When it comes to hardware i,am always hoping for something new and exciting.
Do you have any idees or things you wood like to at musikmesse from steinberg 2014.

Would love to see them release :

  1. Groove Agent 4

  2. Halion Symphonic Orchestra 2

  3. A new Advanced FM Synthesis VST

  4. New Halion 5 Sample Libraries.

  5. A new Professional Quality Cubase/Nuendo Control Surface (Oh…Not the Nuage, and better than the CMCs).

That should keep me very satisfied until they release Cubase 8 :smiley:

Nice reply…

This actually could be a reality, considering the SE version has been out a while.

I’m onboard with this one, and it’s something I’d love to see baked into HALion!

If it stays at WL 8.5 i would consider this to be very lame in their home show :wink:

Hehe… Well non of my listed wishes were delivered by Steinberg. :frowning:

But… They announced WL 8.5 for June release. That’s it ?

Wow… Not much happening at Muzikmesse as far as new Steinberg Products go.

Let’s see what Steinberg gives us later around Summer 2014.

Yeah I was expecting a bit more than just WL8.5.

I have to admit that I was hopeful towards Groove Agent 4.

On the other hand, I would rather see a full and solid product with awesome features.

I think that a lot of people can agree with me that there was a changes steinberg was coming with a new hard or software this musikmesse 2014. Wavelab 8.5 was just something in the making that the needed to show.
There are probably a couple things onderway like groove agent 4 and this scoring software.
If the only shown a early prevue of groove agent 4 just like the did with wavelab 8.5. That wood have bin nice.