Any new user of Cubase here?

Hi Everyone :smiley:
I’m a new user of Cubase Pro 9.5 (yeah I bit the bullet and upgraded,lol) :smiley:
And was wondering if there any new users of Cubase in the forums?’

How are you settling in and using Cubase? Have you used other Daws before,or is Cubase your first one?

Me personally, I have used other Daw’s before, (as a hobby)So my bit of experience,has come in handy.
But using Cubase is really different in lots of exciting ways
I’m really enjoying the learning process of Cubase,and discovering new and cool features,I haven’t come across before. :smiley:

I need to find a shortcut key list, though heh,heh :smiley: And start to gently makes some tunes :laughing:

Would be cool to hear from any new users and your thoughts behind using Cubase,etc



File > KeyCommands

Hi Martin :smiley:
Yeah thanks I saw that,anywhere I can download a list of the shortcut key lists,as a handy reference guide?

Unfortunately, there is no any list, you can print in the HTML or so, as it is in Dorico. No.

There is this though, which was created by member of the forum:

Welcome to the forums, David.

The utility Steve mentioned is very helpful, but the best part about the Key Commands system is that we’re able to assign our own Keys and Combinations.

Thanks a lot bud :smiley:
Yeah one of the many reasons of switching to Cubase,key assignments.I currently have one which opens my Kontakt player,so cool,saves a lot of time
I willl check out the link too.But probably have a note book handy to write down key assignments as I go,

Have a great weekend :smiley:

Ok,so I am going to refer to the key commands in the file menu,as a reference.

Will be easier and as mentioned to me more up to date,and will be updates when a new version of Cubase arrives :smiley:

I’ve Set a key command so the dialogue pops open,so I can refer to it as and when :smiley:

Just a note- The best, most up-to-date list of key commands, both assigned and unassigned, is the Key Commands dialog in Cubase. The list at will not have any commands added in C9.5.

Ok thanks Steve,thats what I thought.


Nice website. Good for lots of things.

To the OP: You can make a Screen Capture with the Key Commands and then use that for your screen’s desktop image. Perhaps not the most attractive image, but it does put the data there. H/T to Roger for the suggestion.

At the other hand am option to print the list of used Hey Command as HTML or PDF, as it is in Dorico, is much better than the Key Command dialog. :wink: