Any news about a 9.0.2 update/bugfix release?


I really wanted to use C9 Pro - but I cant because of the “showstopper” of missing note coloring when Chord Tracks beeing used.

So, is there any timeframe when we can expect 9.0.2 (where hopefully the currently known bugs are fixed)?


Not much help with detail here but, I am sure I saw a few posts where a Steinberg rep mentioned that 9.0.2 is expected by end of Dec. Can’t for the life of me remember the topic or context of the conversations. If I run across them I will chime in again. :wink:

That might be tough because, if I search for the term “9.0.2”… this topic does not even pop up.

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There’s an update for the Elements since 16th… Maybe next days for the Pro version…

Good find. :wink: How did you find out about this update that was released a week ago?

There was no communication (that I could find) about this update on this forum. I guess the fixes do not pertain to CB Pro or Artist as the update says there is no 9.0.2 update for CB Pro and CB Artist versions.

Still… they should have mentioned it. :astonished:

Cubase Version History:
Cubase 9.0.2 Improvements & issues resolved
The following table lists all issues that have been resolved and the improvements in this version.
The Cubase 9.0.2 update only fixes issues in Cubase LE/AI/Elements. There is no 9.0.2 update for Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist.

Fixed an issue where the StudioEQ plug-in was not available in Cubase Elements 9

Fixed an issue where the Plug-in Sentinel in Cubase LE/AI 9 unnecessarily reported plug-ins being blacklisted which belong to Cubase Elements 9

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