any news for us regarding win 10 ?

anything new yet ?

I was just going to ask the same thing. Is it true that MS have resolved the issue and we’re just waiting on testing at Steinberg’s end, as Cubase 8.0.30 - Cubase - Steinberg Forums claims?

Steinberg are keeping quiet, but this is the latest news…posted on GS 4 days ago by Pete Brown of Micrsoft.

FYI. We’ve fixed the initial issue Steinberg uncovered*, but we’re working closely with Steinberg on a related issue. TBD if the fix for that will be in Cubase, Windows, or both. This is very much a partnership to make sure Cubase runs really well in all scenarios and environments.

The initial issue was fixed in a patch released a couple weeks ago.

Works great here. After updating to win10 make sure to update GPU drivers to latest win10 version from manufacturer’s site. I experienced problems because of outdated GPU drivers.

I found the 8.0.30 fixes the issues I had with Windows 10. I had exactely the problem Ed described (bringing other windows in focus would decrease the priority of the audio thread). There have been quite some Windows 10 updates lately so I haven’t been keeping track of which fix it actually was nor do I know if 8.0.30 brought some fixes from the Steinberg site.

But I can say my initial problem is gone now and I haven’t found the other problem on my system yet, that Pete Brown mentions.

ok cool… thanks…
are there any advantages that you notice using win 10-

I can just say that after moving to win10, I would not go back to win7. Win10 is much more solid, everything works. It is a significant step forwards.

What’s GS? Can you post a link please, then we can all keep an eye on it. Thanks.

Cubase 8.0.30 Pro running very fine here (Windows 10 Pro 64 bits)


Hi all,

Having read these posts I just updated my AMD GPU drivers and chipsets.

My Windows 10 and Cubase Pro 8.0.3, together, now seem blisteringly fast :astonished:

Thanks for the tip.

Jim B

I too am running Cubase 8.0.30 on Win 10 Home 64bit. All is running fine.

I am also using the UR44 and CMC. They are working fine however there is updates coming soon for these. But mine are working without issues.

As above if you have AMD GPU and Chipset. Make sure you get the latest driver from AMD for Win10 first.


Absolutely no issues here.


cheers guys

A bit of a problem here - running 8.0.30 on Windows 10.

Have a project with multiple tracks (audio + instrument + groove agent + loopmesh) un-muting at the same moment. This project plays flawlessly on my older Cubase 5 on Vista (running on the exact same hardware as I have a dual-boot setup), but on 8.0.30 there is obvious stuttering for a very brief moment before every track gets unmuted.

Found out where the problem is - the loopmesh track i created in that cubase 5 project is apparently causing hiccups with cubase 8. Cubase 8 is intelligent enough to use loopmesh2 for this track, but it seems loopmesh 2 didn’t like the MIDI control notes passed to it. Strangely once i open the loopmesh 2 window and toggle some of the parameters a little (and I ended up not changing anything), the stuttering was gone.

(EDIT: by simply opening the loopmesh 2 window and closing it, the problem was gone)

Anyway it has nothing with the with muting and unmuting. Still a happy Cubase 8 user.

Now Steinberg have changed to 8.0.30 in the knowledge base about Windows 10, and unfortunately its still says “Not recommended. Performance and timing issues.”