Any news on .30

Any news on when .30 will be released ?


Haven’t we been through this already, I think you mean 7.5.3 btw. 7.5.2 only came out a short while ago and we are very unlikely to see many other updates before 8.0 comes out, which judging by past releases is unlikely to be this year. This is ONLY my opinion, I actually know nothing concrete. It’ll all happen when it happens :slight_smile: If you have a specific problem, try posting it here and there’s some really clever people who can probably help!!

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Thank’s for input and your right we did go through this until the usual thread wreckers turned up and derailed the thread . To be honest I’m not the sort of person to repeat all the issues which have been mentioned in the past , i just plain and simply want to know when the next .30 will be released .
The last point was changed from the .2 to the .20 for a reason so maybe updates are going to be different to what they have in the past . There is no harm in asking and it certainly doesn’t deserve the moaning crew jumping on a derailing my thread .

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We’ll get a 7.5.5 by the end of July and then C8.0 somewhere in the autumn.

I would like to see a 7.7 :stuck_out_tongue:

Where did you get that information?


‘Inquiring minds’ want to know. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

experience. C6 went this way.

So then

We’ll get a 7.5.5 by the end of July and then C8.0 somewhere in the autumn.

it is not official?

Speculation based on experience? Sounds a bit like the stock market.

However it will be of ‘mucho’ interest to see if this info holds true.

Time will tell.

I would like to see a 7.7.7. The jackpot of bug fixes.

We’ll get a 7.5.5 by the end of July and then C8.0 somewhere in the autumn.

And both pay updates you forgot to mention :smiling_imp:

777 sounds good, it’s Always a disapointment when Steinberg stops after this and then we jump from 7.5.20 to 8.0.

I like updates!

So giving bigger increments in updateversion numbers leads us to the graduate into the next level.

Just follow the "big" numbers up to .0.7 and then …wait for the next "big" number :laughing:


Some of the posters here has a point. Kind of. I’ve been with Steinbergs since before Cubase. Anyone remember Pro 24? In those days it was the Atari that was THE music computer.

In those oldie days, there was no Internet. Updates and bug-fixes were distributed by diskettes! I remember, on a couple of occasions, reporting a bug to the local distributor and a couple of weeks later at diskette arrived in the mail, with the bug fixed. Since these days, distributing bug-fixes has been on a downward slope.

Granted, CB 7.5 is a far more complex piece of software than CB for the Atari was. For one thing CB for Atari was pure MIDI. No audio features in sight. Actually, there was an ill-fated Cubase Audio for the Atari. It never took off, however. Mainly, I think, because it only ran on a later Atari model, that was too underpowered and too expensive.

Up until a couple of years ago, Steinberg used to release “Hot Fixes” when serious bug were sorted out. I haven’t seen one of those in quite a while.

These days Steinberg appear to sit on fixed bugs, until they got a number of them accumulated. In the meantime, their customers keep being bugged by the bugs.

My point is this: If Steinberg could deliver the bugfixes on an, almost, monthly (sometimes several during the same month) basis when everything had to be done by diskettes and snail-mail. Why not today with the Internet, which is free (in comparison) and instant.

I would very much see a return of the (why not monthly) Hot Fixes. .20, .21, .22, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for Steinberg giving us new features, between the steps (so to speak), but I value getting bugs fixed and distributed in an expedient manner more. Even the sexiest new features are of little value if they, and older features aswell, doesn’t work properly.

Good question! That was the normal for many years.

Would a Steinberg representative care to comment?

If you just have some patience and wait to upgrade at the x.5 intervals you wont have nearly as many issues. I’ve been doing that and it works out very well (besides spending a year wanting some of the new features).
So I went from 6.5 to 7.5 and I’ll go from 7.5 to 8.5.

We’re not talking about new sexy features here. We’re talking about getting the features we already have work properly. Why should we wait for months (or up to a year) before bugfixes are released?

Case in point. When OSX 10.9 was released, there appeared a serious problem with the Steinberg apps and Core Audio. This was fixed very fast, but not released to the Cubase users! Why? I use WaveLab Elements, as well as Cubase. WLE was updated almost immediately. As far as I can tell, The WLE update fixed the problem for Cubase aswell. At least I never experienced the audio problems that a great number of other users did.

Steinberg waited for almost a month to release a fix for those Cubase users who did not use WL/WLE. In the old days this would have been released immediately! Steinberg would never have “sat” on an important fix like that, for no apparent reason. That’s the mindset I would like to sea a return to.

This is just one example. Just take a look at how many fixes Steinberg has been “sitting” on between 7.5.10 and 7.5.20. Fixes that should have been released as Hot Fixes as soon as they were ready. Perhaps not all of us make a living using Cubase, but enough of us do to make this a priority.

this all sounds very logical.

It can then be up to the users if they want to download the hotfixes or wait until the bigger release if it doesnt affect them.

In other industries, where you have mass produced high value products, it is quite common to have these so-called product update blocks, 4 a year at the most. You can’t update your production process constantly, cause then you easily loose track of your focus. By saving up certain “fixes” for certain update block it is easer to manage your production process. It looks to me that Steinberg does exactly that with Cubase and a similar pace. After an initial new release they have 1 or 2 light update blocks with fix things that need fixing a.s.a.p. and after that 2 or 3 big update blocks.

I am quite happy with Steinbergs schedule of patches and updates. As long as they do not release a new version every year like certain game franchises and stay away from the subscription business model, I’ll be a happy customer.

@ Svenne, I get what you’re saying. I’ve been using Cubase since VST 5 so I’ve seen the changes as in how updates come out over the years and it’s definitely different now then it was. I was just adding that comment in general because lately (usually) they have most of the major bugs sorted by x.5 and going this way you don’t have to deal with as many problems in general. I totally agree that hotfixes should happen on a regular basis.

Also this whole x.5 thing sort of applies to operating systems too… I wont update to 10.9 most likely until 11 comes out.