Any news on NUENDO update?

Hello guys,
any news on the Nuendo update? Will this next one bring the drum editing or is just the one after this?



the next Nuendo update can be expected end of July and will contain the multitrack/drum editing features.


Sorry to beat this one to death :slight_smile:
but anytime I feel like someone at steinberg might read this… I have to

MIDI controllable SurroundpannerV5 parameters!!!

this small addition can and will significantly effect my work
I have a whole section of my DIY console researved and just waiting for it

thank you.


Thanks for the good news. :smiley:

@ TimoWildenhain: Will this be both; Free Warp editing and Slip-editing from the arrangement window?



you can do it already by using the Quick Controls. Assign the Surround Panner V5
parameters to the Quick Controls, which you then can access via MIDI.


Great news Timo!
Thanks for the answer!

Was using a demo of CUBASE to edit drums but it expired last week. loved the drum edit tool.
Have more 30 days of demo as the band i’m producing have a steinberg key too…

Lets wait until July! :slight_smile:

Yes I’m aware of this and I have absolutely tried this. However, it uses up all my QC’s which are more useful elsewhere and I don’t have anymore left. This also takes 100 years to set up on existing projects. I know that I can save track presets with the QC’s in place, and I have. But, I’m looking for midi so I can assign a box on my desk to always have control over the panner of the selected track. I have boxes for quick controls, but they are always tied up with other mix tasks.

I’m hoping this won’t be an issue for me once the right click QC’s are in place. I’m really looking forward to this cubase feature. Perhaps changing them on the fly will feel more fluid. But in the meantime… I have 8 knobs waiting patiently to be reborn as a surround panners