any news on the windows 10 problem ?

win 10 … anything new yet ``

Are there a problem?

Microsoft have found a issue with the thread priority not getting back to it’s original state after a program loses focus.
Cubase/Nuendo seams to be affected, mine is. They have issued a hotfix that Steinberg currently are testing, not something that is released officially. So a fix might be both a win10 update and a Cubase update. But they are talking, and that is great.

Link, or other info source, please?

It seems that W10 is actually spyware…big brother will definitely be watching :imp: :imp: :imp:

gonna keep away from it as long as poss…

Wondering if anyone at Steinberg can give an update on the Windows 10 compatibility issues

Definitely. And 9/11 was a work of zionists, Americans never landed on moon, Democratic party is a tool of Satan and …

thank you! I no longer feel alone with all my conspiracy theories! :slight_smile:

Psychlist1972’s post.

Or the Mod edit in the post below could have given the far more helpful link to the KB article, instead of pointing to a thread with no hard information.

That’s a good link that I never would have taken a 2nd look at because the date on the KB article lists “Created on: 29.07.2015”. It’s not until you actually open the KB that you see it was updated on August 19th, 2015.

Seriously here… a couple of suggestions for Steinberg:

  • At the links add an “Updated On:” date adjacent to the created on date. Or just dump the created on date under the link and leave that info at the top of the KB (near another updated on date).
  • You have a “News” article and “KB” article. You should only have one article with as many links as you want referring to that one article that contains the latest updated information.
  • Please link to the latest information directly from the Steinberg Hub. As of today, if you click on the two links in the Hub showing Win 10 compatibility information, one opens the news article dated 7/29/2015 and the other opens an article that says “no news_id given”. WHAT THE…?

Come on, this is from the customer communication 101 class. You know, the kind of class you only get (1) college credit for completing. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

In other news … Apple have released QuickTime 7.7.8 and it won’t install on Windows 10, either.

And it’s a security fix. QT has gone to hell. Steinberg MUST drop it, but I guess it’s not as simple as that. Am I correct in thinking that QT is necessary for the menus to appear? (sounds wrong, but it’s a serious question).

No, it’s needed if you want to score to video.


As far as I can see all Windows 10 threads are locked etc., and I have tried to search for this without luck. If someone already mentioned this, then sorry for the duplicate. Anyway, I have actually solved most problems with Windows 10 in my case.

I had latency problems, loading problems, glitch problems etc. But then I thought let me try the naive solution. It probably won’t work but just to rule out anyway: I just made Cubase start in compatibility mode for windows 8.1 and then everything seems to work fine?!

I didn’t do extensive testing and the audio setup and audio interface probably means a lot. But I got it working with Focusrite Forte latest beta drivers (released late july). I also use Behringer U202 some times and I tend to get some issues - but I can’t rule out that it’s because of a wrong setup of Asio all drivers. Behringer’s own driver interfere with other audio interfaces so I stopped using the native one.

I have both Cubase 8 pro and Cubase Elements 8 but I only testet in Cubase Elements 8 - so I don’t know if this could make a difference. Anyway any Cubase version is incompatible with Windows 10 as far as I can see.

Maybe you should give it a shot. It’s just a few mouse clicks to test :wink:.

Lenovo X1 Carbon 4th generation
Core I7, 8GB RAM.
Windows 10 64-bit
Cubase Elements 8.

As posted in another “10” thread, O&O makes the spyware fix for the more onerous corrections easy:

And it doesn’t even require installation to work.