Any news/updates on this tech.?

…or have SB run out of steam with developing it any further.? Should Cubendo users stop dreaming of a proper real-time collaboration facility, coming along anytime soon.? I was prompted on all this after watching the new Blackmagic Design Cloud offering, demo’d here:-
EVERY Tip YOU NEED for Blackmagic Cloud Collaboration in Resolve 18 - YouTube

Ok, I appreciate that involved video editing/grading and audio editing work in something like Resolve, is a much bigger deal than just working with audio in a DAW. However, composing cues to picture, receiving video cuts and updates etc, means real-time collaboration benefits are obvious and brings a really productive workflow.

Also, whats happened to Transit Go and Transit Join apps.? Nothing for Android…? Are these still being developed, or sat frozen in time…?

Ho Hum…

VST Connect is what you would use for realtime collaboration, and it works very well. VST Transit and VST Join are different applications (but yes, I would like to have seen these developed further, for “non-realtime” collaboration).

See also this post for my understanding of what each product is intended for:

Oops! Oh thank you @MrSoundman - yes, maybe this should have been posted in the VST Connect forum pages…

Anyway, I guess I’m talking about the possibilities of more ‘live’ working back and forth (both parties able to edit/update/mix) on the same project - as demoed in the video link I posted.

In the meantime, I’ll do more research…