Any Nuage Users working with VST Connect?

Any Nuage Users working with VST Connect? Are there any advantages to be gained there with the Nuage hardware?

Anybody? So all of the Nuage Facilities are all working with ISDN or other “corporate expensive” methods of global interaction with clients? :question:

I work with ISDN, ipDTL and Connection Open. VST Connect seems cool but it’s not widespread in the post audio world, no voice talent use it. I tried to get some interest but received no response from Yamaha/Steinberg and the existing tools are in place and work fine. Takes a lot to get someone in the post world to adopt a new workflow when nothing about the old workflow is broken. john.

Unfortunately VST connect was a huge disappointment for me when I tested it.
A LOT of crashes, very unreliable. Cumbersome to set up, no integration with other DAWs.
It’s potentially a huge thing (if they would decide to do it properly), but to be honest it felt (and looked) like 1990s software to me.

Wow, really? I didn’t have any of those problems. It was just confusing as hell to set up. But once it was, it worked fine for me. The big draw back I found was the wasted time required to actually received the full .wav files recorded. But one of the other users here figured out that you could just send the completed files via dropbox.

I will admit that I haven’t had much use for it. Not doing anywhere near the long distance work I used to do. But, at the time and for the price, it seemed like a great investment. Now I was just wondering if Ver. 3 was now intergrated into Nuage and, if so, how? I was wondering if the hardware made it any easier to work with.