Any of you Nuendo Old Timers remember GRADO?

Any of you early adopters of Nuendo (N1, N2 & N3 versions) remember a lovely member on the forums that went by the screen name Grado?

His proper first name is Graham. He was the geekiest tech resource we early Nuendo Geeks had. If you know who I am talking about I have an update on his where abouts! He’s still alive and kicking in the UK. Today is actually his birthday!

I am from Memphis TN and during those early Nuendo releases he would help me build the PERFECT computer. He’d help me pick out the right components, help me tweak out bios and tune windows to work perfectly with Nuendo. I’d call him on a Saturday and he’d spend 2-3 hours with me. Remarkably generous guy. Well after many years of the occasional phone chat and loads of email chat I took it upon myself to go pay him a visit. So two weeks ago he invited me over and I stayed at his place. He is the most remarkable host, one of the coolest people to ever live and just a one of a kind. He’s moved on to Cubase now but does not spend any time on the forums apart from the occasional lurking. Never really posting.
He and a pal of his showed me the best of North West England and Wales. Had the time of my life!!

We were always long distance pals but the trip made us brothers. ALL of this due to the Nuendo Forums!

Just wanted to give all of those who knew him an update.

Here is a picture of Me in the Front and Grado behind me.

A lifelong friendship all due to the Nuendo Forums!


Totally remember him!

Awesome!!! smile

I remember him as well.
Many others as well who don’t show up anywhere anymore (Dan Duskin., Evil child…)
It was the Internet infancy.
Now is the time of support board and friendship as been swept away along with the lounge forum.
The Internet forums are reflecting IMHO, what the world is becoming (yuck), but your testimony is the welcome glimpse of hope.
I happened to meet some members of this very forum and loved it as well !

Thanks for the memories.

Live and love long.


I’m from those days and remember Grado well. It was Graham who first recommended Scan computers to me, and I’ve been using them ever since. I also bought a rack case from him once.

The early Nuendo 1 forums were a great place back then, Hard to believe it was so long ago :smiley:

Say a big hello from me- Marcus-AKA Norbury Brook :smiley:


I am from those days as well. The forum isn’t as active or interesting as it was anymore. Hard to believe how much time has passed.

ha actually I DO remember the name, at this time I only had Cubase or Cubasis but was stalking the Nuendo forums out of interest which toys the big boys are playing with. :mrgreen:

Yip, I remember him. Some good nostalgia… :wink:

I remember him. Guess that makes me an old timer! :neutral_face: I miss evilchild. Though he must be an eviladult by now for sure.

Yes … That name shifted a few rusty gears in my brain.
Good to hear he is well.


Yes, I remember Grado.
Those where the days when Nuendo Forum still was home of the Nuendees and the
Nuendo Forum was computer auto start page for quite a few bros.
Times have changed and the old Nuendo-only homestead with the ever so entertaining ,
controvers and informative Nuendo lounge is sadly missed ( along with a number of oldies…).

Please, say hello for me…
Btw, what is he thinking of N6…if he ever bothered…

Big K

I remember him as well. I started using Nuendo right when N2 was released. My first Nuendo Computer was a Pentium P4 with dual WD Raptors in Raid 0, which was directly inspired from his posts.

I also miss BrianT, who inspired my 2nd machine and Bullmoon as well. I learned a lot from these guys.

Ha! The good ol’ Nuendo Forum.

Thanks for the pic, Denicio — I always thought you guys were much younger than me (which you’re not, as it seems ;-D …) ducks and runs

Grado is no longer a Nuendo User. He bailed (like me) to the non flagship product (cough cough) Cubase that has MORE of the toys we Pro Audio guys need and use. Oh we talked (ranted) about this over some very good American Whisky!
I don’t think he contributes at all over in the Cubase forums for the very reasons everyone has stated. Its simply not the place it once was…sigh~

I still get answers FASTER HERE than submitting a ticket to the Official Yammy Support System here in the states. So I show up from time to time when I need a bit of help.

Hey Diets, Yes we are old farts…or more aptly stated we are simply “Seasoned Professionals”!

It was a life changing trip to the UK for many reasons…but most importantly spending time with our beloved Grado from the Nuendo forums.

I realized that the original Selfie picture I uploaded made us all look far ‘larger’ than we really are (I had many chins). Attached is a much better picture of us.
The bald guy in the pictures is a mutual pal of ours (played in a band with Grado back in the early 1990’s). He is responsible for a new Book/CD about Viking Gods, Evil Warlords, FARTS, dragon ships, FARTS, 80’s heavy metal, more farts and Cheese (and farts).
Its the last album I mixed in Nuendo before I went to Cubase.
Just think of “Hitchhikers Guide” meets “Spinal Tap”. The project is called “Sacred Wind”

This album came about…again because I knew Grado!


How great is that!!

Thanks for the update Dennis!

I can completely unterschreib BigKs words - there was a time were the Nuendo Board was the default page of the browser and these days were great ^^

Great to know that members like Grado are still around.

Nuendo Guys,

I am truly honored that you have all spent some time remembering the old times in my name !! Some very talented names in the mix there! Those days were really dangerous … but cool too! It was really difficult convincing clients that PT was not the best DAW around … that was a battle I never managed to win for most of the time. As Denicio says, I now use Cubase because it does everything I could ask in music production. Nuendo WAS a pioneering product and Steinberg really f****d up their product structure, it should have always been an upgrade from Cubase. But we all know that!

Anyway, Denicio is my long-lost American brother. He is one of the most intelligent, witty and tuned-in guys I have ever met and I love him to bits. Denicio stayed at my home and we had a blast for a whole week … he was / is a real gentleman. Moving on to his ears … the guy is a phenomenal mix engineer. Some of his “in the box” work is stunning to say the least. I can absolutely recommend Denicio to anyone in the Memphis area and beyond to hook up with him and enjoy the experience.

That’s about it from old arse Grado.

Take care guys,


My brother…you have me blushing.
My mixes are so so…and all I do is simply insert UAD plug ins and use a preset :slight_smile:

I do miss the good ole days of Nuendo Forums.

Also, I will see the rest of you Nuendo Defectors over in the Cubase forums when you care to join the rest of us …

Grado informs me the spell check wants to change the spelling of “Denicio” to “Demonic”…yeah, that’s about right! (or its a Steinberg Conspiracy) :slight_smile:

Grado … you helped me as well when i was on cubase 1.5 (i may even have that install disk around somewhere - the Blue One) … it was my first DAW … thank you and welcome back … john

and i may be moving over to Cubase now - not needing the surround features … so you may be seeing me soon as well … :wink: :wink:

Nice post! Those were the wild west days :slight_smile:. So many great folks who shared their knowledge so freely.

Its funny, i cant speak to the Nuendo/cubase differences but in general the level of issues today vs backwhen is like comparing fighting polio to a sniffle :slight_smile:. I simply haven 't been able to justify upgrading from N5.5. It does the job. And in general SB is far more accessible than they used to be. It used to feel like a war back when relative gain adjustments didn’t work and the company was owned by Pinnacle.

I consider this a pretty peaceful time in DAW history lol.