any one best analogue mixer cum Multi track USB interface

any one pls Edirol M-16DX 16-Channel Digital Mixer versus sound craft signature MTk 12 ,
best compatibility with Cubase 10 and pro nm cons , looking for a mixer cum Multi track USB interface with at least 10 input out puts ,
why and how do you use return tracks , also a mixer that has at least 3 aux , send n return to physical channel strip for external effects , 24 bit ,and why or is 192 hz used often versus 96 Htz ??
an around $500 bracket , with good onboard compression limiter gate…
n how about QSC touch mix 16 ?? compare to these though Multitrack , dont exactly do multi track directly …

or any other interface with these features… you can suggest
and finally how the latency for USB 2.0/3, 3.1 n thunderbolt for PC ? does it make a drastic difference ?
thanks .