Any one experienced Cubase crashes with Neo Soul Keys?

Hello fellow Cubasians,

Has any experienced Cubase crashes and corrupt cpr-files with Neo Soul Keys.
Recently two files of my songs became corrupt. Couldn’t find out why, until I realised that it happened after adding Neo Soul Keys (the Steinberg version) to these songs.

Maybe I’m wrong, has any experienced this too?

I just installed the trial yesterday and haven’t had any issues yet.
(Running Nuendo6+Nek6)

Seems kind of slow when loading presets though.
So far I haven’t done much with it except check the sounds out.
Some of the presets are truly inspiring but does it really only have 41 presets?
Also, I think I could achieve many of the sounds by using HalionSonic SE with an instance of
VST Amp Rack.

Maybe you should post this in the VST Instruments Forum as well.

this happens to me too… preset takes long to load on new project… and crashes other existing projects when loading … must be a memory issue.