Any one have Alesis A6 Andromeda?

I managed to get all the factory patch names imported correctly.
However the Rob papen, and all those other German packs of patches you load into the memory card…
Well I got those but it wont make bank changes. I used Midiquest and its hard to use.

Also the Rob papen does not record filter data.

The factory cubase XML/TXT patches work 100% perfect in all ways.

Its pretty much my dream to have my A6 patch names,
Right now I use the “Numbers” Banks and patches and that works 100% perfect, well its off by one patch but over all its perfect.


By the way the first cubase I had came on 4 floppies on an Atari Falcon computer in 1993/4
It was dreadful, in all ways but id love to use it again for kicks.