Any options for Cubase 4 owner?

I’ve had an old copy of Cubase 4 sitting in my closet for over a decade. It’s registered, and it still shows up in my e-Licenser account on the Steinberg site.
Is there anything I can do with this at this point, or is it basically trash? I see there was an upgrade offer back in 2012, but that’s long since expired…

Have you looked in the Steinberg Shop? There should be upgrade options.

Oh, neat! Thanks. So, I think the Cubase 4 box/software itself, aside from the USB dongle, is basically toss-able, right?

I’ve always kept some stuff around as backup proof or info - just in case the dongle breaks. But thats’ just me :nerd_face:

the ‘proof’ is what is in your MySteinberg account :slight_smile:

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I don’t remember when Steinberg Accounts became the reliable official repository of being licensed. But I once had a case where I had an old box of something before Steinberg Accounts and it may have also been not dongled (may have been an ancient Halion or Groove Agent), where the serial number on the card in the box was the proof I needed for an eligble upgrade.

I honestly don’t remember if Cubase 4 was already reliably in the era of the Steinberg Account system.

Well, for what it’s worth, it is in my account. Hopefully, if I decide to upgrade, that’s enough (plus having the dongle).

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