Any PC users upgraded yet?

I’m curious to know if they fixed scrolling in Play mode. Does it scroll like the rest of the program now? i.e. mouse wheel up/down and mouse wheel + Shift = horizontal scroll.
Also have they added the editing tools to Right-Click?

Much appreciated!

Play mode has gone through a big revamp, it’s missing features that they’re going to add in a dot release. I believe due to the iPad which required a different interface. Navigation has various issues at the moment. Don’t have big expectations for Play presently, but AFAIK attention is being put on the mode shortly.

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Thank you!

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Mouse-wheel scrolling will be present in the first maintenance update. It’s now looking like the rework of the tools in the Key Editor toolbar might not be in the first maintenance update, but if it’s not, it will be in the second.

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More importantly is the tempo editor lane, any thoughts? First maintenance, second perhaps?

And very unimportant, will we be able to hide the track inspector like in Cubase? Could really use the extra horizontal space!

The tempo editor almost certainly won’t be in the very first update, which is coming in a matter of days rather than weeks, but it will be as hot on its heels as we can make it.

We hadn’t really been considering hiding the track inspector in Play mode as it feels like it doesn’t take up too much space, but we’ll talk about it!


Cheers! I’ll keep an eye out for it, can’t really upgrade till this is added.

Since Cubase added this feature back in 10 (I think) I use it constantly. It’s amazing how useful a couple of centimetres extra can be!

Yes, with 3.5 I wasn’t able to really get playback up to snuff, but v4 is turning out to be a playback powerhouse. It’s realizing my dream of finally getting away from the MIDI - just write music and good if not excellent MIDI is automatically created for me. With just final edits to create my own performance, using the key editor in Write mode. A dream! Now I can just export the final MIDI to Nuendo for mix/master.

I don’t care about hiding the tracks personally, but am also looking forward to that second update. After that I’m a happy camper.