Any performance hit on FLAC?

Hey Guys,

I recently had a HD crash; thankfully I had crashplan so all my sessions were backed up.
However, it still took forever to get my session back; I tend to work in 48/24 and some of those audio files get big!

Which made me wonder; I’ve known about flac for a while and use it for my sfx libraries, but I noticed that it can be used natively in Nuendo as well.

So, i wonder; is there any significant performance hit with using Flac these days, both in playback or recording?
If not, I might as well adopt it as my default session format…?




Yes, you can use it as your default format.

I haven’t found a difference between using WAV or FLAC, regarding to the performance.

There’s a very small performance overhead while using FLAC (I don’t remember if it was a CPU or HDD overhead…), but it should be completely unnoticeable using that rig in your signature. The benefits of using FLAC should far outweight the drawbacks for most people.