Any plans for a VST type element to Cubasis?


Are there any plans to introduce a VST type element to Cubasis. Maybe the option to buy new instruments and processors. I understand certain technologies like Inter-App etc. do allow for integration of external sound sources and processing. But these routes are not quite as integrated as VST and its ability to carry so much information within the data save. Even with just a handful of extra VST type add ons, like a couple synths, a sampler/sampler player and proper drum library/module, it would completely revolutionise mobile music production.

I personally think the Cubasis platform is very forward looking and has amazing potential. Not least of all, its ability to generate a proper income stream that is due to 100 percent sales income, and not subject to piracy and the knock on effects it causes to things like R&D and programming.

It’s safe to say that I am totally sold on Cubasis :slight_smile:


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your feedback. We are evaluating many possibilities of optional additional modules that could expand Cubasis’ possibilities.

would be a good idea. a sampler and a synth multisynthesis would make the app much more complete :smiley:

Hi crohde.

Thanks for the reply and look forward to anything in direction.


I would love to see this as an option. AudioBus and Inter-App Audio are cool and all, but there’s something very refreshing about creating music within just one single app, without having to switch back and forth between different apps.

For Cubasis in particular, I would like to see more effects added. The ones currently there are okay and do the job, but are sort of simplistic. I’m sure automation will help that though.

But yeah, effects, synths, samples, and samplers, I think Cubasis would benefit from more of all of these.

i think the way how a ipad works, is to work with multiple aps at one time and switch between them.
the new “vst” standart for ios will be audiobus 2 with the possibility to save all open apps with the propper presets.
then we have the “not so total recall”