any plans for yamaha/steinberg to release a new 8x8 midi interface?

My trusty midex8 ceased to work recently following one of the windows 10 live update packs.

I run cubase 8.5 for its midi implementation depth and still operate a bunch of hardware synths or drum machines with DIN 5 -pin midi connections. I gotta believe i’m not the only one in this world in that situation.

After some research, ESI M8U EX seems like a valid replacement but i’d love to see a Steinberg follower to the midex series that have now been discontinued for over 10 years.

Does Steinberg/Yamaha have any plans for releasing updated midi interfaces?

  1. I would assume a big no since most are using VSTi’s these days. We hardware guys are becoming extinct.

  2. Many other MIDI manufacturers have dialed down their offering or have stopped making interfaces

  3. Steinberg cant even keep the drivers for their audio interfaces up to speed so there is that as well

  4. Options are limited to : MOTU, ESI, MIDI Solutios, M-Audio, iConnectivitiy

Incredibly sad. This is one of the things holding me back on Win7. Nervous to have midi problems. I have a sizeable rig and I have 2 midex8s connecting everything. Have a spare laying around just in case.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a modern MIDI interface that also acts as a powered USB hub, oh and has individually assignable ports so you can have 8ins and 8outs or 1ins/15outs - or anything in between, even better individual ports assignable to merge data or as a standard “thru” box - Perhaps a standalone mode for live use? It would be really cool if you could add multiple interfaces for really big setups, and have a status LED per port to show config and activity. The icing on the cake would be an attractive and robust case.

Oh I probably mean something like this: :laughing: