Any plans to completely redesign the GUI ?

I’m sure many will disagree but imo cubase looks like a childrens game since like version 7, especially The design of knobs and windows and other objects.
If you compare the industry leading DAWs: Logic or ProTools next to cubase, cubase is hard to look at.
Are there plans or is the GUI redesign is in process already for version 11 ?

Now see - I think that PT looks like the child’s toy - Hmmm? Oddly that was my exact thought . Logic is better, but still reminds me a bit of SONAR especially its “panels”, , makes me kinda nostalgic-y

Cubase looked like a toy until 7, where they started to give it a more professional look.
They are still not finished but almost. I can’t imagine them throwing years of GUI design out.
Most seem to be very happy how it has changed.

UI discussions tend to go round in circles because people have such different opinions on what looks good, what looks professional.

To me Cubase looks far more professional than other DAW’s.

Then the discussion inevitably turns to the small icons (for example the note duration selectors in the score editor) and the long transport, which are all difficult to use unless we’re on a large monitor. I haven’t seen any love for these elements!

Well i would agree, that the GUI is ok, but lacks color settings. And is not so that you can reach colors that where in previous versions of Cubase 5,6,7,8, etc… To me the coloring system is very black and black minded…

From a nonsense perspective one can argue anything. I dont agree with the premise of the OP, so all conclusions based on the original statements are of no value to me.

Cubase is fairly ok concerning UI. I dont see any “superior” product. What one could claim is a more consistent look and feel - but this is of course hard to achieve because of the various “epoches” that cubase parts have been developed in.

Cubase GUI is totally ok, just need some performance update, that’s all

I like how it looks. I just hope they finish the job and get all the old blue/grey Windows in line with the current design, also make it hi res without being tiny on my laptop screen would be nice!

Never really bonded with the new mixer GUI myself (C7 onwards)…