Any plans to improve the pinch zoom in the note editor ?


Vertical pinch zoom works perfectly, I find it’s just the Horizontal zoom that is counter intuitive.

I find it to zoom to the left even when you are at the start of the phrase with no real precise control either way.

It would be great if you could place the first finger to hold position and then the second finger dictates the zoom direction, or if both fingers worked independently when zooming horizontally.

There’s an app called ‘Twised Wave’ which when zooming into audio files (Horizontally) handles the zoom with great precision and as I describe above.

This would further refine this great app and improve the fluidity when using the note editor.

:Great IAA update btw! :smiley:


Yes, we have mentioned somewhere else that it is on our list to improve the zooming behaviour.

Ok thanks for the reply. :smiley:

Any updates on this? Zooming still seems bad.

Could it be in the coming update…

“Behaviour of MIDI and automation editor tools has been improved.”

I guess not…still twitchy and untamed…whilst trying to zoom :frowning:

Any progress on this?

This zooming issue really should be sorted by now. It’s been complained about a lot for a long time. Please fix it in the next update Steinberg! It’s a relatively small issue, but does frustrate an otherwise user-friendly and enjoyable navigation experience.