Any Plugin able to use formulas instead of controlling data?

I‘d like to use formulas for positioning soundsources for dolby atmos or other 3d sound.

For example Adobe AfterEffects gives you the option to use formulas to put an object in the scene. So the camera can fly exact circles, tracks that you can not fly controlled by a controller.

Every controllerdata is inaccurate for circles/waves/ellipses.
As I am used to control objects like in AfterEffects I would like to have the option as well in Nuendo/Cubase.

I used waves NX, spacemouse, trackball, sound particle, … but I was never able to create exact tracks by using these devices.

Does any Plugin have these options?
It would be nice to integrate this into nuendo/cubase as controller data could be manipulated by lines, splines and so on. A formula would expand the accuracy and possibilities much more.

So it would be easy to create objects on exact tracks.

Great idea. For now, I simply use quantize grids and Nuendo’s Info-line to achieve predictable automation results by manual data entry. A workaround, no doubt, but a straight-foward one.

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An expression engine in Nuendo/Cubase sounds great in principle.
AfterEffects however is not concerned with real-time performance.
An expression engine would interfere with that.
There’s a reason you don’t have expressions in Audition or Premiere.

It does not need to be realtime. You can edit a formula and generate controllerdata. For a circle with one period of one second or every 10 seconds or one in a minute.
You need the dimensions of the room x, y, z the sourcepoint and the angles. And then you can calculate the controllerdata offline and use the data as if it were cc datas.

But you get rid of wobble as if you were painting manually.

That‘s just how dolby atmos works. Object at a point of time in coordinates with dimensions of the object.