Any Pro Tools Tutorials for a Nuendo user?

Well I’ve finally done and went over to the dark side. I had to buy Pro Tools for a gig and now I need to learn to use it. While I still plan to have N7 as my go to DAW, has anyone seen tutorials for experienced Nuendo users on how to use Protools?

I just don’t want to have to slog through entry level audio videos to learn ProTools.


For what? What do you have to use protools for, meaning, what type of work?

You may get responses.


I use PT HD. I am a former Nuendo user. Now I use Cubase, PT and Audition.

As long as it’s mostly audio and not midi my PM mailbox is open if you have any questions.

I use mostly PT 12.5 Native/HDX and PT 9 TDM, both HD…