Any problems 6.02 and XP?

Thanks -

No new problems here as yet

I am getting arrange window re-sizing each time I open F11 Instrument track - this started happening in 6.01 I think and hasn’t changed. Otherwise ok so far


Solved resizing arrange screen by re-setting instrument panel to ‘Always on top’ - not a Cubase issue


Thanks, Parrotspain. Do you have SP2 or 3? And would you know your netframe version by any chance?


I am on XP Pro SP2 on the principle of ‘if it ain’t broken…’
Netframe is version 3.5 SP1

It’s a homebuilt system from Dec 2008 - dedicated DAW

Mobo: Asus P5KPL-AM
Intel core duo E8400@3GHz
NVidia Gforce 9400GT (1Gb)
4Gbytes Ram
+TC Powercore PCI
Audio: Terratec EWS88mt
MIDI sport 2x2

I hope the info is useful to you…system is not latest and greatest, but it’s in use all day everyday - a very good workhorse!


Thanks, Parrotspain!

I’ll go home and check my specs out … they look quite similar. I’m very happy to hear that you are doing so well!

Hi alexis -

Running 6.0.2 on XP SP2, Netframe NOT installed, only on separate Internet PC.

All is well.

Thank you, Keres!

I read on another post that a rogue XP’er (“rogues like us”!) was having problems in 6.02 using Variaudio. He had been having problems in C5 as well, so it’s hard to say what the problem was, I suppose. Have any of you guys used VariAudio in any of the C6 flavors?

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Had it about a week now and working fairly intensely with it. It’s working remarkably well. Got to about 70 tracks on this present project with an average of two/three plug-ins per track and only just had to start freezing tracks to continue but I think that’s pretty good.

Don’t know why but identical projects do genuinely sound better on C6 that C5! :slight_smile:

yep ive not had one issue with c6 from the first install on 27/01/11 and 0.2 is working remarkably well and has ironed out all those tiny bugs(i hate that word) .
seems like us xp users are the lucky ones ,less problems then w7 :smiley: :smiley:


I might be guilty of being a tiny bit over positive. There were glitches - moments where a plug in wasn’t happy and killed the app but oddly it only seemed to do it once for each tricky plug in and then everything was fine. However, who doesn’t get moments like that with any version of any DAW?

of course there are glitches to start with ,but then you tweek your system to except the new software but i have not experienced as many “BUGS” as certain people are reporting .
Not had to freeze any tracks at all so far
i must amit i am old school still and mixdown to outboard recorders(32bit to analog) and use no vsti’s at all its all outboard equipment here, i only use fx’s and audio manipulation and everything runs as sweet as a coconut !


Thanks filterfreak and TrevorG!

Do you guys by any chance use VariAudio in your work?

Just a little(wouldn’t want to insult my singer by saying I’d used it a lot!) and was very impressed. I’ve got some experience with Melodyne and found it compared very well(though I have not used the latest version).


Ah, great.There was an XP poster on another thread whose computer wouldn’t let him use VariAudio - I just wanted to make sure his experiences weren’t attributable to the OS.

Thanks, TrevorG!

Confirmed here too, VariAudio works as expected on a XP system.

No biggie, but still got the open directly from OS’s explorer trouble though. But this could has something to do with a previous Cubase 5 installation.

On my XP machine, variaudio in C6 is much more stable than it was in C5…
It’s still not 100% stable though, and if it DOES crash, you will need to reboot your machine :confused:

I am running XPSP3 with 6.02 and, where I get no crashing, some Steinberg plugins are not storing my presets, notably Reverence. Seems a work in progress to me, but I assume this is the same for Win7 users, too.

Variaudio fine here - can get a little sluggish handling long files.
I noticed this using Variaudio in amongst some quite complex projects. Probably just getting towards system limits.

No crashes or unpredictable behaviour.


I had some random crashes with Variaudio on XP SP3. C6 sometimes crashes also using Groove Agent, and Media Bay. Could be because I’m on 32sample latency most of the time, maybe something with my system. It is random.

I will move to Win7 eventually, I’m just a bit reserved, because some of my hardware will not work on win7. I’ll wait a bit more, maybe next year or so…