Any problems with the 7.5.10 update

As the title says really , has anyone had any issues updating ,installing and running the update from 7.5 to 7.5.10 before i take the plunge ?

Been working on a mix all day long. Half 7.5, half 7.5.10 - no noticeable difference for me today - which is basically good.
Not so good is, that the grid still isn’t back in the sample editor for audio warp which is promised for 7.5.20. But that’s no show stopper for me :wink:

Hi marQs
thanks for the response , i have no issues with the 7.5 so if there are no graphic tweaks or enhancements on the mixer then in that case i’ll stay exactly where i am .
Yes that is a bit of a silly one removing the grid from a time based editor , roll on .20 but as you say it’s not a show stopped but adds an element of guess work which is unnecessary .


Did a session with it today and it was running very nicely.

The loading time of bigger sessions has been improved. They fixed the manual adding of hitpoints which was the most annoying thing for me in 7.5.0

The only quirk I found was that they havent fixed the instrument track mute bug and the grid in the audiowarp window (which was alredy confirmed by the mods its coming in next update patch).


Muting/Soloing still doesn’t work right, still have to focus on the mixer to use hotkeys, still lose plugins behind the mixer on 2nd monitor, still no grid in warp window, still … ah nevermind. I guess it’s 6.5 until 8 comes along.

Only issue i had was after updating while initialising Cubase locked up on Ski remote. Had to uninstall Ski remote and reinstall then it booted completely . so far so good. big projects do seem to load faster which is nice. and while not a deal killer the track pixs are still wonky. maybe in the next release.

I’m getting the following message, in the system log . . .

… Cubase 7.5[677]: Error: this application, or a library it uses, has passed an invalid numeric value (NaN, or not-a-number) to CoreGraphics API. This is a serious error and contributes to an overall degradation of system stability and reliability. This notice is a courtesy: please fix this problem. It will become a fatal error in an upcoming update.

… hundred of times a minute, until …



… and I’m also still seeing Cubase’s video-related processes crashing.

Well, I think it just happened to disappear (while changing code to achieve whatever else), no way I could imagine this is a feature :laughing:

Maybe Steinberg are going to give it a toggle on/off key command but forgot to implement it . Might be part of the master plan to return this basic grid like thing in C8 to keep the revenue coming in . :wink:

I can’t actually see any major developments coming from Steinberg on the Cubase front in the next few years , i love what i have but i think development wise it’s quite dead in the water now .
Steiberg have most probably already forgot about C7.5 ,C8 ,C9 and are now concentrating on a new mind controller to bring in the revenue for the future.

Shame really i do love Cubase But im not parting with any more money unless they come up with something spectacular and all the workflow issues are sorted out like the focus white crap around everything for which IIRC Helge said they would be removing in a later update . When ? Is it a pay for feature in 8 ??? ppfftt not for me it isn’t :wink:

Anyway time to stop rambling
enjoy your day MarQs

It’s always a good idea to be happy with what you’ve got. Let any hype pass by, check back after a while and see what’s left over, works and makes sense to you. There’s not much left to wish for at the moment, apart from some real workflow improvements.

I completely agree with you 100% ,im happy with where i am , nothing wrong with my setup apart from those focus issues . Not risking the .10 update myself , no reason to unless i want to RISK the channel edit being Naffed up ,and that’s the point RISK.
Some serious stuff needs to happen to make me want to RISK another Steinberg product in the future and like you i have everything i need for production .

I think they have just started with the changes. I thought it was looking stale, being stuck in a very old visual-workflow paradigm, up until 7, which finally started to have a sort-of-flexible GUI, despite its overly complex configuration.

The midi channel output options removed is a real P.I.T.A. (um, what were they thinking?), but otherwise runs smoothly, perhaps even a bit snappier than before (might just be my coffee)

Working fine here. Superior 2.0 and my other VST/i’s seem to be working… and Cubase seems sligtly faster at startup. It still hangs sometimes while loading Projects but I’ve gotten used to that…

Seems to operate fine here as well.

Will be using it tonight in a live setting and will report any funny/weird stuff.

Hi all,

I did one session last night using Cubase 7.5.10 plus one session using VST connect, all fine.

Jim B

Think I’ve noticed a bug related to it, the slider to change(top right of arrangement window) the view/size of midi notes isn’t working. I just noticed it in one project, the slider was being sticky/resistant and I’ve opened up another project with less in it, not as resistant but it’s not changing the view of the midi notes.

Seems OK otherwise, I didn’t check and haven’t tried yet but I’m hoping they’ve fixed the issue with Retrologue not playing the first note… only some people some to have this issue like myself.

happy with what i have, can always follow certain rules, check plugins, use C7 on some projects even 6.5 if need be, cope with the various bugs - some work around workflow because of the bugs to get used to (audio warp gridlines, mixer behavior, plugin behavior mostly due to my stubbornness cos i like those plugs and updates are not available etc). all in all think i have more than enough to make tunes and workflow has improved for the better… still ongoing…mostly positive


No issues works perfect. No crashes.