Any problems with Waves + W10 in Cubase?

I’m looking at a Waves plug, PianoCentric. I’ve never had a Waves plug in my system before, and I recall reading that many people had problems with them. These may have been in the authorization/installation area, maybe re: Wave Central, but I don’t recall precisely.

Is that actually a thing anymore, assuming it ever was more than an urban myth?

Thanks -

I have a few Waves plugs on my W10 Pro setup, they seem to run just fine, no problems so far.

Not on Windows here, but no problems at all with the new Waves Central system, prior to that seems to be where the issues were but that was not when I was a user of their products.

There is always a free 7 day trial available if you set up an account, should give you an idea of how it all works with your setup.

On my system, it runs glitch free on 8.5, Wavelab Elements 9, MainStage and Studio One.



Have no problems with my waves plugins and win 10.

The biggest concern with waves plugins, afaik, was that they didn’t (don’t?) respond to AI controls on steinberg hardware. So if you own a CC121 or CMC controller, you can’t use their AI knob to control your plugins.
I’m not aware of any other ‘problems’ with Waves plugins. I don’t have any so I can’t give you my personal experiences.

I got my hands on a free verb from Waves a while ago, used it in one project, kinda liked it, but the plug corrupted the test project. Never touched it again…

I don’t feel I ‘need’ a waves or any new plugin at the moment, so I am not looking either.

Downloaded 6 Waves as trials (4 as part of a package), they all worked fine.

Bought the package of 4, they work fine too.

So far so good.

My ADK guy told me some Waves programs are harder on the GUI, to let him know if I get a white screen, so there’s that.