Any Quick Control on any track, can be routed anywhere. Shift+Click

I’ve seen some people wishing Cubase had more flexible routing, being able to control multiple parameters across multiple tracks… well you can.

Here is an example.

Create 9 new audio tracks.

go to the 9th tracks quick controls and shift+click in parameter selector space.

go to VST Mixer

here you will find the 8 other audio tracks and all their parameters.

On Audio Track 9, assign QC1 to Audio 1 Fader. QC2 Audio 2 Fader, etc, etc.

You can now control all 8 faders from one audio tracks quick controls.

Now, if you wanted to control all 8 Quick Controls from one knob on your keyboard controller, you can go to your ‘studio setup’ Window and in the Track Quick Controls section, you can create Quick Control CC assignment templates, of which I’ve created 10 or so (left on my desktop in a folder) and you could create a template where all 8 Track Controls are assigned to the same MIDI CC.

Very useful for say, quickly controlling 8 different filter frequencies on 8 different VSTis

There’s another way to do this pending the specifications of what you are trying to control.

This will only work for plugins that have MIDI support

If say you wanted one controller knob on your keyboard to control multiple parameters on multiple plugins on one audio track AND other plugins parameters on other audio (or group or FX, etc) tracks, you can do this:

say there are 8 parameters total you want to control. 4 parameters are on 3 different plugins one ONE track - Audio Track 1.

Audio Track 1
–Ins1 - FilterPluginA
----Frequency Cutoff
–Ins2 - ChorusPluginA
–Ins3 - DelayPluginA

FX Track 1
FX Track 2
Fx Track 3
FX Track 4

That’s what we’re dealing with here. Remember, this is only for VST or VSTi plugins that support MIDI (mostly, it’s only VSTis that support MIDI).
Create 8 MIDI tracks and set all their inputs to the same controller, the controller that has the one knob or fader you will be using. Set the outputs to the specific parameters listed above so that each MIDI track is Outputting to one parameter.

Select all the MIDI tracks and arm/monitor them and voila. it’s that simple. Too bad more VST developers don’t support MIDI… there should be a marketing to developers to push them to support MIDI in all their plugins.