Any quick ways how to group quicly?

Lets say i select quicly 20 drum channels with shift key.Now i want those ch outputs to go to group ch 1.Whats the quickest way doin this?or ill have to select manually every channels output, which kind of takes as long as it takes to grow a beard, so my wife never recogize me after that procedure:) tnx in adnvance, have a nice summer!

Suppose you are in the main window. Select the first audio track, then hold Shift and select the last audio track. This will have all of your 20 tracks selected. Then hold Shift again and set the output of whatever track you see in the track inspector to Group 1. That’s it. You can do the same thing in the mixer as well.

wow nice quick answer, jep i know how to select ch quicly with shift and hold but didtn know that you can also group them like that.I guess the manual was at the first reading so intensive that i didnt remember everything.cheers!

By the way, you can set sends or inserts on multiple tracks in the same way, only instead of Shift you should hold Alt+Shift.