Any recommendations on Touch Apps for iPad and C Pro 8?


Just wondering if anyone can recommend a really decent App for the iPad to turn it into a Touch Controller for Cubase Pro 8? I would be interested in hearing anyone’s thoughts!



I forgot to say, I want to get a Touch Control App for my iPad Air 2 so I can control Cubase Pro 8 running on a Windows 8.1 PC.

Thanks again.


Lemur + artsunmuted metafader or qb 2.5 (more info on

Wow! Lemur looks great! I want to be able to control CCs for Midi automation and this looks like the perfect thing to use with an iPad!


for Lemur & Cubase look here :

and you can build your own template… I really think it’s the best iPad Apps DAW controller

Yeah this looks amazing! Basically, this is going to make my iPad incredibly useful! Do I need Lemur before getting C Brains? I’m guessing so.

Thanks for sharing this


There’s also Steinberg’s own Cubase iC Pro app:

I already have iC Pro. It just can’t do what I am after. Lemur looks fantastic and I think I know what I’m gonna spend my weekend learning!

yes you need lemur before buying template from Artsunmuted or CBrains

I’ve bought both Lemur and C_Brains. I’ve managed to load C_Brains onto the iPad but for some reason, the Lemur Editor 5.2.2 has graphically gone strange and now everything is unreadable and Black. Can’t for the life of me figure out what is wrong (and I need this sorted otherwise I can’t setup up MidiLoop for the iPad to communicate with Cubase Pro 8.

I have installed the Lemur Editor onto my laptop (just to see it working) and is running fine. On my DAW PC I have uninstalled and re-installed the Editor software many times, changed graphic drivers. Lost for ideas to be honest.


Decided to unplug my second Display. Voila, the Lemur GUI is back to normal. Looks like Lemur doesn’t play well with PC Win 8.1 and multiple displays (for anyone that stumbles across this thread and has a similar problem). I shall plug it back in once I have set I have set it up.

How much memory do you need to be happy with using an ipad with Lemur, TouchOsc, etc. to remote control Cubase? In other words, can I cheap out and buy a 16 gig version or do I need to go up to 32, 64, or 128 gigs of ram to get the best user experience without going overboard and paying more than I need to.


16 /32 /64 /128 are not memory but disk space, I use iPad 3 16Go with Lemur & other without problems

And I’ve made a Cubase Template for Lemur here :


I have a question. I have bought C_Brains and the MK Transport. C_Brains is working like a charm. However, I have inserted the MK Transport onto the Thumb Container, followed the instructions of setting up a Generic Remote and Mackie Control and things don’t really work. Even when I press any of my Steinberg CMC’s, pressing play skips a bar at a time on playback. So I’m just wondering what is causing the conflicts? For now, I have just disconnected the Generic Remote and Mackie Control for the MK Transport until I figure out how to make it play nicely with the CMC’s. I wanted the MK Transport on the Thumb Container because when I put some faders in the Thumb Container to control CC1, CC7, CC11 etc it will be inevitable that I mess up a take and want the transport buttons instantly there to be there to re-record etc.

I am still reading the Lemur manual so am sorry if it’s just something obvious that I have missed or don’t yet know about!



@Jono: did you uncheck midi in and out for the controller ports you are using in devices>midi setup? So the controller ports and your normal midi do not interfere.

check your midi setup & “all midi input” disable all stuff working with lemur in “all midi input”