Any setting for automatically deleting notes inside new regions?

This isn’t a big deal whatsoever, but I’m curious if there’s an option in Dorico for automatically deleting notes inside a bar repeat or slash region you just created?



There’s not an automatic way to delete them, unfortunately.

Thanks! I suppose I would submit this as a request to the Dorico team, although it’s no biggie :slight_smile:

It is annoying though - particularly the bar repeat situation. More often than not - maybe 98.97% of the time - notes in a bar repeat region are not required by me.

Though sometimes I do need to delete notes behind a slash region, I don’t think they should be deleted automatically.

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I use notes together with 1-bar repeats all the time in drum parts, so this would definitely be a disaster for me if the default behavior was changed without the option to keep the notes.


Good point. The choice would be nice though, right?

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I would definitely not want to take that behavior away; I just think it would be nice to have that option!

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I would love to see the math behind you deriving 98.97% from your workflow :joy:

I just click the first bar, Shift-click the last bar, and Command-click the repeat region to leave everything else selected for deletion.