Any settings that need to be turned off on Windows for better performance?

Hi, I’ve just built a new PC with much higher specs than my old one. However, I’ve noticed that Cubase 9.5 buffers more often than my old, technically weaker computer. I’m wondering if there are any settings in Windows or Cubase I need to turn off on my new PC that I had off on my old one, but it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten about. Windows 8 for reference.

Some spec settings, old PC: i4, 16gb ram, Windows 8, 256gb SSD and 1 1tb HDD.
New PC: i7, 64gb ram, Windows 8, 2x 1 tb SSD.

Both use the Focusrite gen 1 2i4, so I’m not sure if the new motherboard is handling that differently either. I can post those if need be.

i4? really? Your the only one using this… :grinning:
Maybe you should upgrade to Win10… Is your chip set driver up to date?


Please follow this article.