Any SRC improvements in WL8 ?

Fantastic news that WL8 is announced! I’m excited to use it soon.

I see that Izotope Mbit is now included for dithering which is great new but I’m curious about sample rate conversion too- Has the Izotope SRC been added to WL8 ?

Izotope SRC and Mbit are leading class algorithms so the fact that Mbit is included has me hopeful we’ll be getting SRC in the update as well is there an official word on this ?

Thanks PG for your efforts past and present.

I would like to know this too! (But I suspect not…)



SRC is not part of the 8.0 version, we may consider this for a later update.


IMHO, the current Crystal Resampler has an excellent quality. Its only weak point is the speed.

That would be great if you would consider addint Izotope SRC to Wavelab, preferrably even before another paid update!

I agree that Cyrstal Resampler is good. Very good in fact. But Izotope SRC is the best I’ve ever seen or heard. Here’s a great site to see comparisons if you are curious…

Thanks again for adding Izotope dither and I’ll look forward to the UI cleanup as well. Cant wait till May…


Hi Timo,
I would love to see Izotope SRC in Wavelab 8.

Regards, Mikael