Any stereo VST Plug in effects only come out in mono

Has anyone ever experienced when applying a stereo based plug in on a mono track in Cubase 8, the effect only outputs in mono? I’ve tried effects like Cubase’s Roomworks or thier mono to stereo…but ends up completely in the center…no stereo field at all!!!
I used to use Cubase 4 for years with no issues having my plug ins coming out in stereo on a mono track.
The ONLY way the plugins came out in stereo was to create a stereo track and applied the effects to the audio.
I noticed the same problem on my friends computer with Cubase version 7.

Is this a popular issue? Wanted to know if it could be fixed so I don’t have to use ALL stereo tracks from now on when I create a saved template.

I looked into this a while ago, and asked about it here on the forum. There’s not really a great workaround for this issue and it doesn’t like they’re ever going to fix it. Using all stereo tracks is the best solution as far as I can tell. If you do that, watch out for a related issue: if you happen to put a mono plugin on the stereo track, it will only affect the left channel (so it’s best to use all stereo plugins).

Is this a popular issue?.

I’ve seen it brought up a bunch of times going back many years. I don’t understand why it hasn’t been addressed. Maybe they don’t think it’s a big deal. I find it very annoying, but I think it’s even worse for new users because it’s not obvious what’s going wrong.

Is this something that has changed to newer cubase versions since after cubase 4? It always worked fine on mono tracks before…ugh, frustrating, but thanks for the reply!