Any suggestion on a combo keyboard/mouse for Cubase?

I need to buy a wireless keyboard/mouse combo, and was thinking if any of you use some special kind of keyboard(special like in Extra Fn keys or macro keys, etc)

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


got the “SteelSeries Apex” … and a Logitech MX 1000 Laser.
It´s not a combo, but they´re pretty good.
The APEX is a backgroundlighted with different colours in seperate sections (customizible),
for example, green the numeric, yellow the F-Keys, red the QWERTY, and another for the additional
22 macro-keys. You have 4 layers for the macros, so you get 88 macro-keys and everything is with your favorite colour.

Love this keyboard…


That keyboard looks awesome! just I don’t like too much that the “Enter” key isn’t in a back L shape

I will try it!